Monday, May 19, 2008

***Spa Day!!***

This is my 'I'm deep in thought' face. lol..
I'm pretty sure today has been rather boring.. BUT!! That all ends at 2:30 today!
As soon as I get off work I'm off to the spa (if they can fit me in today)
Here is what I'm planning to have done (Thanks to my wonderful gift giving hubby)
  • A full, deep cleansing facial
  • Full body massage
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure

So basically I'll come out super *refreshed* and relaxed... WOOOO!! Exactly what I need too! :)

**** NEVER MIND!! lol.. We are already not off to a good start.. (look how fast my mood changes here.. hehehe)
I called to make an appt to come in.. and it was like pulling teeth. Here's what the convo was like--

'****** Spa, how can I help you'
'Yes, I'd like to make an appt to come in'
'And what would you like done'
'Well I have the ******** package, do you have anything open today?'
::shuffling on the other end like she's checking::
'No, I'm sorry we don't'
'Ok, what about tomorrow?'
:::checking again:::
'No sorry'
'Um.. ok'(I'm thinking it's a 'no' for Wednesday since Mike's dad is flying in)'What about Thursday morning? or Friday?'
'No, sorry'
Then... after playing back and forth she says, 'We actually are full until the 28Th at 10 am' (Which is when I'll be at work . . . figures!)
By this time I'm agrivated that she's been making me play the guessing game..
So I told her I'd just call back later when I have free time to guess when it's best for me to come in.
You think she'd have been a little more helpful and suggested some days and times she had free... and maybe told me they were full until the 28th BEFORE leading me around fishing for an appt.
Oh well, guess I'll just make sure to have my schedule out next time I call and I'll just start off with-- 'Hi, do you have anything open this century?' lol

Until Next time!!!!!!! **evil eyes**

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