Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Newest Project is Complete...

Yeah, I KNOW. It Looks like it's from a Pier One mag, huh? 
I'm in love. 

Friday, August 15, 2008

Coloring the MM Fondant! :)

Ok, I'm a nut.. But coloring fondant.. (or one GIGANTIC marshmallow blob) is SOOO much fun! (To avoid the massive amount of work that follows, read the bottom of my post for quick coloring instructions)
First, knead the fondant to soften it up..
I usually lay it out in one big strand and then fold it in half..
(Um.. why do I have a fart face on?)
Next, add the color in and continue to fold in halves while mixing and kneading. I just keep making the fondant in one big string and folding it into each other until the color starts to blend..
now the color is coming through..
Almost done!
Here is the final blob.. It really reminds me of 'Slimer' from Ghostbusters... or a huge snot?.. Guess we'll stick you something less gross lol
The aftermathhhhhhh
"Who will I get to clean this mess??.... Mikkkkkkeee!! " lol

--Sticky Steens

** Quick coloring instructions-
Microwave your marshmallows... Once they reach the melted stage (and before adding powder sugar)  add your food coloring. Blend the color into the melted marshmallow until desired color is achieved and then add powdered sugar and knead with shortening as usual. This will save your hands and arms SOOO much extra work! ;0)

Frosting I made for Tess' Wedding cake

I swear at one point I'll end up posting all the pictures I took while making her wedding cake lol.. If I could only find the time!! (Until then, you'll just have to take them in spurts! hehehe)
This is a Strawberry Cream Cheese frosting that is now my new favorite!
It's been a while, so I can't give the exact measurements of everything... BUT I'll try to give an idea. :)
The main ingredients used were one jar marshmallow fluff, 8 oz cream cheese, and I wanna say 2 sticks of butter (salted).
Then just add powdered sugar until it's a thick mix. I know I used more than a two pound bag and it made a ton of frosting.
After getting it to the right consistency, I added some Strawberry flavoring until I achieved the verry berry taste I was aiming for.
It also gave it a pretty pink color.. ;0)
That's all there is too it! So goooooo make some!

Friday, August 8, 2008

A trend. . . that has gone WAY too far! lol

It's the HAWT trend in the area to pimp out old rides and throw huge rims on them.. This is nothing unusual... BUT, when you have a lift and your car is taller than most trucks... I think you've taken it a little TOO far.. lol :::::Thro some deees on it:::::
Me and Mike were driving the other day.. and I saw this car from the road.. I was laughing SOOOOO hard, I HAD to get him to turn around so I could get a picture,,, and he'd be able to share this laugh with me!

Uh.. yeah.. This is real.
There wasn't even a step to get into it... Guess you have to jump?
Awe... mini Mike.. LOL
If we were to be in an accident with this car.. let's just say we would lose our heads in the battle.
---Steens :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Mikey Poo!! (8/5/08)

My Mike had his 22nd birthday on Tuesday and I wanted to share some pictures of the cake I made him. .. We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner then went back to relax at the house... Little does he know he still has a gift in the mail!! ;0)

I love this picture! Makes my cake look like it's in cake heaven! lol
Awe.. it looks so pretttty.. I think this was the quickest cake decorating I've ever done lol
Special delivery for Mizzzzike.
I was gonna try and cheat every way possible... BUT Walmart was out of boxed funfetti mix..(yeah.. the one store that normally has 50 of everything!!!!) So I had to make my own..It turned out great though :) I did, however, use boxed fondant.It was my first time with that... and from now on,.. if I know the person is NOT gonna eat it.. I'm taking the cheat way!!! lol.. Making that marshmallow fondant.. and working my butt off just so people can peel it off and toss it, isn't worth the effort!

He approved. Guess we're good until next year.. :)
***Disclaimer-- If the mess in the 'man cave' computer area of this picture burns your eyes out, I cannot be held responsible lol!
Smoochie Boochies!

<--- She's Slackin..

Ok.. So I'm lame lol I've been so wrapped up in real life, I've forgotten about my Cyberworld one. :0p Anyways.. I should be posting a ton of new stuff.. and finishing up the wedding cake tutorials!