Friday, August 14, 2009

The Movers Came and Went...

(Sorry, cell phone pics lol)

The movers came last Thursday and we have been living a little over a week without our household goods! It has been a challenge, but we have become pretty creative at getting by! It's actually kind of liberating living without all the material things around. You learn what's really important and all the things you can live without. (If you had to lol)

No where to sit!
It took them about 5 hours to pack and load our stuff and hopefully it will all get to Germany soon and all in one piece! According to the moving company our shipment should be there in October... so we'll be about a month without the comforts of home.

Moving day was exhausting and HOT! Since they were in and out all day, we shut the air off. Lucky for us, it was almost a 100 dgrs out!! LOL UGH! That heat and humidity can really take a toll on you! Good thing we kept our movers hydrated and happy! I felt like I was offering them drinks every five minutes!

Well, this checks one more thing off our long 'To Do' list! I'll make sure to update along the way and let you know how my things survive along the journey. (Fingers crossed!)

Two Questions...

These are answers to two comments I received recently. (There were no emails to respond to so hopefully both of you ladies see this post!)
Keely-- The Potala Palace Cabinet from Pier 1 is absolutely STUNNING! (The Cabinet) It is by far my *favorite* piece of furniture! I paid full price for it.. so about 499/500.00.. Worth every penny!
The colors are vibrant and the details are superb! If you want to email me with any other questions feel free--

Khryztina-- To color the marshmallow Fondant, (Here) you'll want to use a cream or paste food coloring. The liquid coloring will thin out your fondant and make it twice as much work! I use the little tubs by Wilton that look like this.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Desiree's Wedding Cake (Just a little late lol)

Desi's Cake

I know I promised some pictures of the cake.. But like usual, I have been quite busy! 
It's a Friday night and I'm at home.. procrastinating with my packing and organizing. I've got Coraline playing on the T.V. and a comfy spot made up on the floor. I guess there is no better time than now to finally post some wedding shots. The cake was vanilla and chocolate marble with chocolate frosting and filling.. oh, and sunflower cupcakes! :) (chocolate of course!)

Jasmin looking beautiful as a bridesmaid with her  curls.

Me, Christal and Desi