Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Heidelberg (Pt 2)

We left the beautiful bridgee under the Heidelberger Schloss and made our way down the charming side streets toward town.

The market square in Heidelberg is fantastic! It's dead center and has plenty of space for food vendors, festivals and photo ops.
The fountain in the market square.

Exploring the shops...
*sigh* Love it!

Looking through the alley way at the church.
Yes, just like Eurotrip! LOL.. I really enjoy the street performers here.. they think of the craziest stuff!

OMG! *drool* American Apparel?!! Now all I need is an Urban Outfitters and I'm set!

Sunset in Heidelberg is sOoOOoOOoo romantic!
The warm glow of the sun hitting the church tower...

LOL.. Forever 18.. I guess since the legal age is 18 here instead of 21 they needed to adjust the store name! hehehe
Walking by the train station to grab some Italian ice cream..

Ah, my spaghetti ice! The prefect way to end a fabulous day. It's Vanilla gelato pushed through a ricer to look like strings of spaghetti, covered in fresh berry topping and topped with shaved white chocolate.. Mmmm talk about heavenly!
Next time we go I'll be sure to post pictures from inside the Heidelberger Schloss! Hope you enjoyed..
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Heidelberg (Pt 1)

Heidelberg!... One of the most romantic and interesting cities I've found so far in Germany. We went a few months back and really enjoyed it and there are plenty of things to keep you occupied.

Our first stop was Ikea on the way. We spent a good two hours there browsing and designing our houses. Then, we were off through the villages on the autobahn to our stopping point. 

As you enter the city you'll see the some of the coolest artwork. Everywhere your eyes glance there are statues, fountains, sculptures, etc. This one was pretty neat. Kind of dinosaur-ish.
In crowded cities, bikes are a Godsend! Here goes a mass bike parking lot.

Heidelberger Schloss in the distance.
Ah.. the city streets! :) Nothing beats them for strolling on a nice afternoon.

Hey! Wait up!!

The bridge over the Neckar River in the distance.
'Hallo!, I'm looking for a quaint cafe to grab a coffee' :)

Entering the bridge..
I love the cobblestone roads!

Looking out entering the bridge..
Castle from the bridge.

Bridge entrance from on the bridge.

Me and my love on the bridge under the castle. We were having such a wonderful time!
View out from the bridge.

Fall leaves turning..

*Cheeeeese* Ok, so I was just a little excited! I can't help myself! The rich history and architecture consume me!

The back side of the monkey that guards the bridge... Um, Hello detail lol

They say if you rub his coin it brings you luck..
Time to leave our monkey pal and make our way through to the center of town.
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Little things I'm working on..

Made another cute pair of (6mth) bootie slippers tonight..

Just need to finish up the detailing..

Now I just need to think of a design for the next pair! I'm also thinking of adding a non-slip material to the bottom to prevent slips.. any suggestions? :)
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Venice Italy... Could This Be A Trip In The Making?

        Looking at places to go for our anniversary coming up in a few months. Thinking about it all gets me super excited! We are so centrally located, just about anywhere is possible. I've been googling a lot this evening and I'm pretty sure *Venice* has me reeled in. There is something about it...a certain 'je nes se quoi'. 
       We currently live in wine country and right near the border of France... so I'm sure we'll continue exploring every inch of it during the harvest season. Italy, on the other hand, can't wait! We can stroll through the city.. dine in the local hot spots.. and cruise the waterways in a gondola. *sigh* Yup.. this beats out the weinstrasse right now.. haha.

Can you see it!?! I can totally envision it right now!

Photo from
If any of you have made the trip please feel free to throw me your tips and suggestions on places to go, sights to see, and things to do! You all are always so helpful! :)
Ciao miei amici,
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Burg Birkenfeld

Here are a few pictures from our day outing last month in Birkenfeld. We just went to walk around the town a bit and visit Burg Birkenfeld. It's about one or two towns over and has a great view of the town below.

Mike and I up in the tower.

The city below

It was just the two of us there so it was actually really peaceful and romantic :)

The charming moss covered stonework all around.

Mike exploring..

The view from below..

 It was a pleasant view down all of the leaf carpeted paths.

The church in town.

I love all of the different churches from town to town. They are all so unique and captivating.

Walking through the empty streets.. Weekend strolls are so peaceful!

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