Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Coolest Retro Appliances!

Tonight, while out on the German economy, I came across these beauties! I think once me and Mike have a home of our own, these will be on my list of picks for appliances.
They are by SMEG and come in quite a selection of colors to choose from.

The store we were at only had these two fridges on display, but the SMEG website shows all the appliances, styles and color choices.
I absolutely adore that classic 50's style they have. Can you imagine these in an eclectic kitchen? ugh! I need them! lol

The insides are amazing! Super chic and very organized! I feel like they were made just for *me*... One day little fridgies.. one day!

Email me if you want to buy me one! hehehe
Besos <3
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