Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Heidelberg (Pt 1)

Heidelberg!... One of the most romantic and interesting cities I've found so far in Germany. We went a few months back and really enjoyed it and there are plenty of things to keep you occupied.

Our first stop was Ikea on the way. We spent a good two hours there browsing and designing our houses. Then, we were off through the villages on the autobahn to our stopping point. 

As you enter the city you'll see the some of the coolest artwork. Everywhere your eyes glance there are statues, fountains, sculptures, etc. This one was pretty neat. Kind of dinosaur-ish.
In crowded cities, bikes are a Godsend! Here goes a mass bike parking lot.

Heidelberger Schloss in the distance.
Ah.. the city streets! :) Nothing beats them for strolling on a nice afternoon.

Hey! Wait up!!

The bridge over the Neckar River in the distance.
'Hallo!, I'm looking for a quaint cafe to grab a coffee' :)

Entering the bridge..
I love the cobblestone roads!

Looking out entering the bridge..
Castle from the bridge.

Bridge entrance from on the bridge.

Me and my love on the bridge under the castle. We were having such a wonderful time!
View out from the bridge.

Fall leaves turning..

*Cheeeeese* Ok, so I was just a little excited! I can't help myself! The rich history and architecture consume me!

The back side of the monkey that guards the bridge... Um, Hello detail lol

They say if you rub his coin it brings you luck..
Time to leave our monkey pal and make our way through to the center of town.
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