Monday, September 29, 2008

Erika's Wedding Cake!

This was the hardest cake I've done..
I think the most challenging part was traveling an hour with it..
The whole thing started to get soft so when I got there, touching it up was SUPER difficult!
Notice the leaning cake?? lol.. the pillars didnt connect to the cake bases right
People, stairs... and BOWS!
Well, I'm just glad everything worked out well!
At least it was the best tasting cake! ;0p lol

Baby Blanket I made the other day... :)

This picture is a bit blurry... (cell phone!!)

I thought a blanket would be pretty simple and good practice with my ne sewing machine .. It turned out better than I expected.. and now I know how to improve the next one.

Too bad my needle broke on the very last corner!! (Luckily, it was finished)

I love the fabrics I chose... (with the help of Mike)

It's soft flannel.. with a nice satin binding.

This blanket looks SO good in my cabinet ;0)

Now, onto my next project!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Soooooo.... Guess what I got?!!!

A bright and shiny, NEW, SEWING MACHINE!! :)
I am SO excited! I've been tacking on all sorts of crazy stuff and can't wait to get started with some big projects!!
I've always wanted one and last night.. I gave in! So far I've just played a bit with it.. but today after work, it's ON!
Some onesies... :)
I also made a 'NOOB' onesie.. just for Mike lol

This and Grumpy are my favv.
Look at the little grumpy cloud... how cute?!!

OH, and I didn't forget about the cake and wedding pics.. I just have to upload them..
These were from my cell phone and a lot quicker to upload.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A couple *Cupcakes*...

Plain ol' chocolate cakes.. with vanilla flavored frosting... MmM.

These were super tasty... I need to make some more! Maybe I can use some leftover batter from the wedding cake I'm making for the weekend?

Ok.. I've got some more pictures to post from the last week or so..Then, I'll be MIA til about Sunday evening because of the wedding Saturday (so be ready for a picture explosion then ;0)

The best dinner from last week..


Welcome to my NC dinner for 2. Me and my Hubby scarfed this meal down.. and without a second thought! I made chicken with rice and pasta salad.. simple, light, and delicious.
I love pasta salad.. I tend to eat the whole thing myself! I'm sure plenty of my friends would do the same according to the compliments they give me on this .. and it's probably the easiest thing I make. lol.. figures!

A chocolate cake I made for the house.. It was ULTRA rich and thick.. to dieeee for.
Du Chocolat?

Well, I think that's all I've really got for now. I'm not feeling well today and need to rest up for this cake.. NO time here for getting sick!



Monday, September 8, 2008

Some motivation!!

My *new* BFFE (sorry Janette, you've been replaced hehehe jk) Chris, bought me this book.
Ever since I cracked it open, I've been hooked! There are so many cute ideas and lots of tasty recipes. I spent last night decorating a cake, BUT today I have a good batch of cupcakes from leftover batter to decorate! Yipeeeeee.

Look out for new pictures!