Friday, May 30, 2008

Ode To The Woman Who Ran Me OFF The Road.

Hello Lady With The BIG SUV in Front Of Me,
Yesterday you ran me off the road. It kind of upset me.. Just a tad.. lol..
Luckily, I'm not a confrontational person... and very rarely do I road rage..(I just rant on my blog lol) But I would like to make TWO very small suggestions. (Make that 4 :)
  1. If you cannot manage to drive such a large vehicle, safely, please reconsider your means of transportation and purchase a smaller vehicle. I know plenty of women who can handle BIG trucks.. You are not one of them.
  2. I love fashion... in fact, I think it's really *great* sometimes. :) Designer clothes.. hand bags.. I even have some Prada Sunglasses.. etc. BUT, Maybe you should rethink those BIG glasses on your face. . If it impairs your vision to the point where you cannot see me driving next to you.. or you get too carried away in your Hollywood Dreamworld that you don't realize there are OTHER PEOPLE ON THE ROAD(in Fayetteville, NOT L.A.).. Maybe you should stick to a smaller set of shades that doesn't block your thinking brain waves instead of UVs.
  3. Stickers are FUN! I love seeing the little stick figure families, Terrific Kids, Cheer and Band decals.. you name it! BUT If --all 15 stickers-- obstructs your view enough to almost kill someone... Maybe you should stick to a limit of 1 or 2 small stickers.
  4. I've lived in NC most of my life... born and raised (minus military outings) and I do believe that your ACTUALLY supposed to signal when switching lanes.** Note-- You didn't.

Anyways... I feel like I just went thru Driver's Ed all over again lol.. but it bugs me that this lady didn't care a bit in the world that she totally ran me off the road, looked me in the face, and kept going without even the courtesy of a wave.

Thank you lol

--The girl in the VW.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My plant is taking over my house!!!! HELP1!!

I don't know what the heck happened.. but this plant has gone mad.. and seems to get feet longer everyday.. maybe it's a mutant plant that was rescued from a chemical spill?? Oh well! Grandma loves it. :)

Fixin up the old..

This is an OLLLLLD shelf my mom had... She wanted to get rid of it when my parents were moving into their new place.. so, I took it! :)
It used to be a light color wood shelf..
I painted it brown.. and added some stone/tiles to the bottom cabinet door.
The only thing I have left to do is give the bottom a final coat of touch up paint, add the pretty knob I bought, and clean off the stones...
It definitely looks a billion times better :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

=-=-=-=Memorial Day Weekend=-=-=-=

I had a *fabulous* Memorial Day weekend this year! (besides having to work!)
My husband and his father spent Sunday at the Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte.. so, since I was left behind- *sniffle, sniffle*- I spent the day at my parent's place. :)
My mom and I spent the afternoon cooking up a storm and chit-chattin. Here are a few pictures from the evening. . .
Here's the hamburger.. ready for the grill. I mixed in a whirlwind of seasonings and some Worcestershire sauce.. These burgers were sooo flavorful and juicy!
Mini Burgers!!! lol
mmm.. they look so yummy (I just had my lunch break and I'm hungry again!! hehehe)

In Texas, grilled corn was everywhere! We just had to make some! All you need now is some lemon pepper, mayonnaise, and chili powder! ;0) OH MY!
I wanted to make a little something quick and easy for dessert (and use some of the stuff I had in my pantry.. ) I baked a little phyllo dough with butter and honey.. then filled the cups with vanilla pudding and frozen strawberries.. It was creamy, cold, sweet and delicious! I'll have to make these again anytime I need something tasty on hand. The light flaky pastry really matched well with the filling.

What a great combination of foody flavors!
Burgers, pasta salad, corn, baked beans, hot dogs,, refreshing strawberry cups! I get excited all over again lol.. Me+Food= BAD IDEA haha
I'm going to seek professional help now.

The guys liked it :) (well... not my picture taking.... but the food ;)
Mom's quick make shift centerpiece .. It actually looked really cute..
Takin a breather in the kitchen... *sigh*
Mom fixin a plate...
She's got good reason to be excited and happy this year.. This memorial day could have been a very sad one for us if we'd lost my father.

The guys chillin in the backyard.. My parents can't wait for that grass to grow in their new yard!

What a good little slave, um, I mean *worker* lol
Mikey painting my mom's flag post

What a sad little rascal. Don't let him fool you.. He got PLENTY of leftovers!! lil fatty!

My dad.. I think he caught me!

Two thumbs up?? Guess it's good!
She's enjoying herself.. maybe a little too much

For those who gave their lives this Memorial Day.. Thank you.

What fun are pictures without random shots of yourself?!!!

Too much grape Kool-Aid

Maybe my face is contorted like this cause I just watched The Ring and have 7 days to live?

Just Kidding!! Hope you ALL had a good one!! and HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!! Be thankful for everything you have...


Randy Marshall-- Sgt 1st Class Benjamin Sebban ---You are remembered

Sgt Randell T Marshall- April 23, 2007
Thank you. You were a great friend and I miss you more than you will ever know. It's still hard to believe you are really gone.
Sergeant 1st Class Benjamin Sebban- You gave the ultimate sacrifice. I owe you everything.
To all soldiers out there.. Thank you all for everything you've given. This memorial day I'm thankful for beyond words. . .

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Sabbath!

Ah.. *sigh of relief*
Another beautiful Sabbath day.. God always seems to reward me with a beautiful day when I make time to visit with Him!
Today has been a pretty good day... Church was fun,.. full of spirit! Not sure what's going on this evening.. It's Memorial Day weekend.. so I really don't feel like just sitting at the house.. (boOOoooOoo) No Vespers tonight.. or I'd go for sure. Mike and his dad are going to the Coca-cola 600 tomorrow.. So that leaves me with the day to myself while their in Charlotte. They'll have my car though.. Aren't I lucky lol
Maybe I'll just go to mom's house and hangout... maybe paint her living room and have a movie marathon!?!!! Hmm.. might have to run this idea by her *wink, wink*
Tess invited me to see the Sex and the City movie with her next weekend.. I don't watch the show, so this may be a good time to rent a season or two and brush up on it lol.. (can't go with a pro and have NO clue what the shows about, right??! ) hehehe
Well, gotta finish up some work so I can get outta here!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

I've noticed a trend lately.. lol

A lot of my recent pictures look like I'm some sad emo chick.. lol. Oh well, I don't see an end in sight soon ;0) And, besides.. You KNOW this is the coolest!! (Minus the fact that the light from my sunroof on the side of my head makes it look like I was hit with a ball of flour hehehe) Tight tight!
My father-in-law is down visiting for a few days. We decided to go shoot a bit the first day he was in town. Here's a shot of the pro lol. It was a good time except for nearly blowing my thumb off (which hurt like !$#%^&* lol) and the strange guys trying to give us a billion 'pointers' lol. They said they were going to be protecting the president on his visit here.. lol. 'uh huh. . .right'
Anyways! We got some good gun time in and I think Honda girl needs a new head according to our target of the day! :)
Earlier this week I was working on some sugar art (when my thumb actually worked) and here's what I had some fun with..
A sugar *baby*!!! Look how cute.

This is the first baby I've made.. and I think it came out pretty well. Now I know exactly what to work on to make my next better.
Notice the 'CLAW' of an arm I gave it on the left side?!! haha I love it! Guess I have to improve my proportions.. BUT... I could totally see this being *uber cute* on a little cupcake.. or as a cake topper for a shower..

Speaking of shower.. lol. (I don't know HOW my scatter brain works!)

I was thinking of getting a new toy.. and I think its coming down to these 3 items..

  • A Nintendo Wii- Mike really wants to get me one.. and I think it'd be a ton of fun!
  • A New Stand Mixer.. I really like the Kitchen Aid Artisan.. in Tangerine, Mango, or Green Apple?? ;0) I think this would be great to have for making Tess' wedding cake... and just something I could really enjoy using. (My forearms would be thankful)
  • And finally.. a new camera. I'd probably get a Cannon Rebel.. or maybe a nice Nikon..

Regardless, I'm going to end up with each of them... but it's just a matter of which I'd like first.. *decisions decisions!*

Welp.... Until next time..

Monday, May 19, 2008

***Spa Day!!***

This is my 'I'm deep in thought' face. lol..
I'm pretty sure today has been rather boring.. BUT!! That all ends at 2:30 today!
As soon as I get off work I'm off to the spa (if they can fit me in today)
Here is what I'm planning to have done (Thanks to my wonderful gift giving hubby)
  • A full, deep cleansing facial
  • Full body massage
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure

So basically I'll come out super *refreshed* and relaxed... WOOOO!! Exactly what I need too! :)

**** NEVER MIND!! lol.. We are already not off to a good start.. (look how fast my mood changes here.. hehehe)
I called to make an appt to come in.. and it was like pulling teeth. Here's what the convo was like--

'****** Spa, how can I help you'
'Yes, I'd like to make an appt to come in'
'And what would you like done'
'Well I have the ******** package, do you have anything open today?'
::shuffling on the other end like she's checking::
'No, I'm sorry we don't'
'Ok, what about tomorrow?'
:::checking again:::
'No sorry'
'Um.. ok'(I'm thinking it's a 'no' for Wednesday since Mike's dad is flying in)'What about Thursday morning? or Friday?'
'No, sorry'
Then... after playing back and forth she says, 'We actually are full until the 28Th at 10 am' (Which is when I'll be at work . . . figures!)
By this time I'm agrivated that she's been making me play the guessing game..
So I told her I'd just call back later when I have free time to guess when it's best for me to come in.
You think she'd have been a little more helpful and suggested some days and times she had free... and maybe told me they were full until the 28th BEFORE leading me around fishing for an appt.
Oh well, guess I'll just make sure to have my schedule out next time I call and I'll just start off with-- 'Hi, do you have anything open this century?' lol

Until Next time!!!!!!! **evil eyes**

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's the deal with me lately?!!!

Align Left
I've been down lately.. and I just don't know what the deal is.. OK! I do know what the deal is, but I can't say exactly since people actually read this (danget!!!,, so much for venting)
But yeah, I have a lot on my mind.. and it's all just stirring about... sinking in deeper and deeper... and I'm over analyzing everything SO much it's exhausting! I honestly just want to get in my car.. roll down all the windows so the sun warms my face, and drive to no where for a few hours, alone. I'd probably just turn up the radio super loud and let myself cry. I guess it's the realization of certain things... and hating how complicated life is.. Did you ever have an idea of what you thought things were going to be like when you were younger,,, and then you grow up and {BLAM} real life smacks you in the face.. There are sooooo many ups and downs and I'm waiting for a break on the roller coaster so I can just PUKE. I feel like things are going great for a bit.. and then something happens to bring me back down.. then it's fabulous.. and back down!!! I guess I'm just going to continue to force myself to be *optimistic*.. pray, and pray, and pray ,,,, oh, and be very patient! (God thank you for giving my LOTS of patience)
Ok.. I'm feeling better already... no car ride necessary lol.. I just need a hug or something!?! ::::::Loud yell:::::: and I don't have my best girlfriend here to talk to!!!! she's miss "military training chick" waaaaaaaaa!! lol
Steeeeeena Bo BiNA

Monday, May 12, 2008

Doing the Re---doing :)

This is my face early as mess yesterday... I was SUPER excited to be on my way to Home Depot!! lol

Lately, I've been working on refinishing some old furniture we have in our house... and it's actually turning out a billion times better than what I thought it would :) I only wish I would have taken some before shots... BUT, I guess I'll just have to take some pics before everything is complete.. and maybe show you some of the old pieces I've switched out.
This is an old shelf my mother gave me.. it was a light colored wood shelf.. and kinda dull.. SoOoo lol I used some extra paint from the dresser I'm working on.. and gave this baby a nice coat of freshness!! I also bought some pretty stone tiling... just to give it a little pizzaaaazz.
Here's a photo of the tiling after I just placed it in the adhesive.. OoOo *Pretty* . . .Today I'll probably go back to Home Depot (after work) and get a nice darker grout to fill in the spaces. So expect a final shot later or tomorrow. This is also getting a pretty knob attached to it.. but that'll come later too!


Friday, May 9, 2008

My Day Fishing ~ ><> `~ ~ <>< 5/7

We decided to take a fishing excursion on my day off...
Here are a few pics!! :)
I'm SO psyched and ready to go!!!!
Too bad We didn't catch much.. we really need to bring the boat next time.
This is my.. 'Are you kidding me??' face
Yay.. I caught some weed on my crayfish lure!!!! lmao
We were walking to find a better spot, when I look at Janette and saw THIS lol... wtf,, what the heck is that on your forehead?!!! lol

She makes fishin look awesome!!
Swimmin with Blackie!
Yeah that's what I said.. a JVO
"Don't forget meeeeeee!~"
*SMILES!* We had fun!! :)This, and seaweed are all I caught!~