Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sanford Pottery Festival

Here are some photos from the Sanford Pottery Festival last Sunday..
It was a lot of fun... and there was some wonderful art from allllll over the state:)
Mom is eye-balling some decorative glasswear...
She's asking my opinion.. I'm telling her WE could make that stuff...
My response to the price tags... lol..
It was like glass plates with rocks stuck to them,... Nice, But nothing too special.
Here are a few pieces my dad scoped out..
This was probably my *favorite* of the day.. it was awesome!! But.. I didn't want to drop 55.00 :0/
This artist made *pretty* stuff too!
Photo Opp!! (We're exhausted!!)
This all reminded me of growing up with the cows and horses accross the street.. *tear* :::sniffle:::

*sigh* How nice!
My dad enjoys watching me stuff my face with food lol..

IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?!!!! lol.. "Grrrrrrr"
He asked for it! lol..
Anyways, It was a great time!

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