Monday, May 12, 2008

Doing the Re---doing :)

This is my face early as mess yesterday... I was SUPER excited to be on my way to Home Depot!! lol

Lately, I've been working on refinishing some old furniture we have in our house... and it's actually turning out a billion times better than what I thought it would :) I only wish I would have taken some before shots... BUT, I guess I'll just have to take some pics before everything is complete.. and maybe show you some of the old pieces I've switched out.
This is an old shelf my mother gave me.. it was a light colored wood shelf.. and kinda dull.. SoOoo lol I used some extra paint from the dresser I'm working on.. and gave this baby a nice coat of freshness!! I also bought some pretty stone tiling... just to give it a little pizzaaaazz.
Here's a photo of the tiling after I just placed it in the adhesive.. OoOo *Pretty* . . .Today I'll probably go back to Home Depot (after work) and get a nice darker grout to fill in the spaces. So expect a final shot later or tomorrow. This is also getting a pretty knob attached to it.. but that'll come later too!


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