Friday, May 23, 2008

I've noticed a trend lately.. lol

A lot of my recent pictures look like I'm some sad emo chick.. lol. Oh well, I don't see an end in sight soon ;0) And, besides.. You KNOW this is the coolest!! (Minus the fact that the light from my sunroof on the side of my head makes it look like I was hit with a ball of flour hehehe) Tight tight!
My father-in-law is down visiting for a few days. We decided to go shoot a bit the first day he was in town. Here's a shot of the pro lol. It was a good time except for nearly blowing my thumb off (which hurt like !$#%^&* lol) and the strange guys trying to give us a billion 'pointers' lol. They said they were going to be protecting the president on his visit here.. lol. 'uh huh. . .right'
Anyways! We got some good gun time in and I think Honda girl needs a new head according to our target of the day! :)
Earlier this week I was working on some sugar art (when my thumb actually worked) and here's what I had some fun with..
A sugar *baby*!!! Look how cute.

This is the first baby I've made.. and I think it came out pretty well. Now I know exactly what to work on to make my next better.
Notice the 'CLAW' of an arm I gave it on the left side?!! haha I love it! Guess I have to improve my proportions.. BUT... I could totally see this being *uber cute* on a little cupcake.. or as a cake topper for a shower..

Speaking of shower.. lol. (I don't know HOW my scatter brain works!)

I was thinking of getting a new toy.. and I think its coming down to these 3 items..

  • A Nintendo Wii- Mike really wants to get me one.. and I think it'd be a ton of fun!
  • A New Stand Mixer.. I really like the Kitchen Aid Artisan.. in Tangerine, Mango, or Green Apple?? ;0) I think this would be great to have for making Tess' wedding cake... and just something I could really enjoy using. (My forearms would be thankful)
  • And finally.. a new camera. I'd probably get a Cannon Rebel.. or maybe a nice Nikon..

Regardless, I'm going to end up with each of them... but it's just a matter of which I'd like first.. *decisions decisions!*

Welp.... Until next time..

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