Monday, September 24, 2007

Why I haven't been on in over a month..

Happy birthday Mike.
No, this is NOT Jesus coming from the sky.. this is our our parking lot at about 3 am on Mike's birthday ... His car had caught on fire..
It was a month of suck-ness lol...
Dealing with insurance.. $$$ ... and just the DAMN car ... ::cough cough:: again..
Right when things were looking up.. BAM.. in our faces...
Not only did it catch on fire.. but then, the tow truck cracked his BRAND NEW bumper...
yeah.. it was a month of "one thing after the next"..
Anyways.. things are back to good now.. and we've survived.. so you'll be seeing more of my posts:)
hmm,, pictures might take a while.. (at least new pictures..) *yep, you guessed it, ,, my camera broke also.. * Like I said.. last month was NON stop..
ok.. enough for now.. I'm at work,, and thats a WHOLE nother suckfest in itself!

Ariana's Birthday Cake!

Ariana's birthday! (august)

She wanted a vanilla cake, with sprinkles inside... and decorated with her favorite colors.. notice her hair barrets on her wrist and how they match her cake lol.. nice one.
Welp.. Hopefully it made my little sister's birthday a little better!~ :)

Mike'b boob birthday cake...(or attempted)

These were made for Mikes 21st birthday..
It was actually a last minute thing.. and I was SUPER short on time.. BUT, overall, I think it turned out quite well :)
Mmmm.. Extra cake batter from Ariana's birthday cake.. and a little love! :)