Monday, September 24, 2007

Why I haven't been on in over a month..

Happy birthday Mike.
No, this is NOT Jesus coming from the sky.. this is our our parking lot at about 3 am on Mike's birthday ... His car had caught on fire..
It was a month of suck-ness lol...
Dealing with insurance.. $$$ ... and just the DAMN car ... ::cough cough:: again..
Right when things were looking up.. BAM.. in our faces...
Not only did it catch on fire.. but then, the tow truck cracked his BRAND NEW bumper...
yeah.. it was a month of "one thing after the next"..
Anyways.. things are back to good now.. and we've survived.. so you'll be seeing more of my posts:)
hmm,, pictures might take a while.. (at least new pictures..) *yep, you guessed it, ,, my camera broke also.. * Like I said.. last month was NON stop..
ok.. enough for now.. I'm at work,, and thats a WHOLE nother suckfest in itself!


Hypatia said...

Hey Steena,

Good to have you back online. I had started wondering what had happened to you...
So if I understand correctly, your car caught fire?!? Pretty scary. I hope you were not injured.

Best Regards

jeena said...

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Jeena xx

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