Friday, April 25, 2008

Chiasso.. my new fav... :)

58.00 This is just sooo different.. and it'd look great with some colorful bottles.
58.00 (set of 3)
18.00 (set of 2) I love the patterns and color choices.
32.00 (set of 7)

Are these not the most enjoyable and colorful additions to a kitchen?!!
I love all the mod and quirky stuff they offer on :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

He looks,, how I feel. lol. Or at least how I've felt the last few days.
I think I have the flu.. ?? But yeah. My weekend was great. The retreat was full up, BUT we made our own and had a great time.. Went to Raleigh Saturday night .. wow did we come across a BAD accident!! It was about 12 am on 95 when we saw a Jeep flipped on the side of the road. Two people were inside and thank God they both had seat belts on!! It's the only reason they could walk away from that. The girl just had a bad seat belt cut on her chest.. but the guy was banged up pretty bad.. his head had a couple deep gashes.. and his arm had a rather deep cut also... so there was a lot of blood. Rescue team got there quick.. high five to that! Anyways.. glad that they were ok.. and glad we didn't end up in the mix.. Alright,, I REALLY need to get some work done today lol.... So I'm outta here!
--Steena <3

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Trip to Georgia aka--the middle of NOWHERE!!

So the trip to drop Mari off was fun.. But the dirt roads and never ending, creepy, dark country roads were NOT. lol.. I have never been on a 4 mile dirt road that leads to a paved road.. and back to a dirt road.. THANKS GARMIN!! lol. I have also never seen a SPEED LIMIT SIGN on a dirt road lol.. [30 miles an hour PUH LEEEZ]
I swear there were random stop signs in the middle of the woods on these dirt roads to nowhere... and random railings.. as if we weren't 'off-roading' enough! Guess that's how they do it in Georgia?!!!
There were a few funny highlights to the trip. We all decided to have some sort of facial hair when we left Burger King. Which explains my picture above. Janette had a 3 piece stash and soul patch... and Mari- a handle bar with a soul patch. YEP,, it was *pretty* stinkin awesome!
Umm.. OH YEAH.. there was another point were we hit some road kill lol.. Mari scared the CRAP out of me and Jnizz.. OMG! We thought we were gonna die! and I totally jumped up in my seat with my feet in the air.. like the dead animal carcass was ACTUALLY going to come through the car and get my feet lol.... I dunno.. guess a 10 car ride can make ya a little looney!
Welp.. that's about it for now..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm starting a baby section..

So I'll be posting neat things I'll want one day.. or things I'm collecting now..
or just different ideas I have so that I can look back when that time comes and have a portfolio of my thoughts.

Here's the new link!! it's under my links also if you wanna click! :)


Gosh... Not quite Friday

Here's a sketch of the practice cake for Tess' wedding.
BUT the colors have actually changed now,, so it might turn out to be more of a rose color.. and maybe white.. we'll see :)
Other than that, I'm gonna be taking a looooong stinking drive to Georgia after work today. Janette's S.I.L.'s fiance (thats a mouthful! lol) is flying in,,, and of course she wants to go visit. So Me, Jnizzz, and Loralee will be taking her down.. and dropping her off.. a total of about 10 hours.. hopefully less!!!! BUTTTTT I'd much rather go and help her drive than have just her and the baby (Loralee) drive all that way back late at night alone.. (can you say suckfest!?!) I don't mind though.
Oh yeah.. and no marriage retreat now.. they were full up.. so I guess me and Mikey-poo will be creating our own retreat :) We'll have a good time I'm sure. I'm thinkin GMP in Charlotte.. and maybe the beach.. or mountains?? WHO KNOWS!
Welp.. back to work.. it's soo slow here already today... they just need to go ahead and put me in charge of something.. (and maybe pay me a lil more ;0) lol
Onto looking at baby things..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My summer shoe pick.. :)

I want these! The Reef 'Stash' flip flop...
Here's what it says,,,
"Forget about a wallet. Slip a credit card and your key into the pullout drawer of the Reef Women's Stash Sandals and hit the beach. These flip-flops feature a special nylon drawer in the heel where you can stash your goodies. This drawer is enclosed within a soft polyurethane casing so you'll never notice you're standing on your treasures. Reef made the Stash Sandal with a synthetic nubuck leather upper and underlay for comfort, and with an ergonomic arch for support"

$45.00 But they are awesome.. and I would love to NOT drag a purse around everywhere :)


Ps... Did I mention I bought a new car this weekend also?!!! I'll be sure to post some pictures later :)

Bat face girl..

Our 'friend' outside of my showroom the other day at work
This thing was sooo cute and only a baby red bat. (or so we though lol)
So this little baby had been sitting about two feet off the ground on our wall outside for TWO DAYS. Some people thought it was dead.. but if you got close you could see it moving and breathing. We kinda thought maybe the random cold weather was making it hibernate or something... regardless, something must have been wrong for it to be that close to the ground. Any cat could have eaten it. Maybe it was just young and dumb?? (or sick!!!! ewww)
ANYWAYS... later on in the day, Janette came to pick me up and I showed her... We had a brilliant idea to save it lol.. After all, Trevor and some other people at my job had already touched it, so if it WAS a baby,... mommy wasn't coming back for sure now.
::shuffle shuffle, clunk:: Janette searched her car for something to put it in and found a half full tissue box.. nice and comfy for it! She also found a couple hand towels and went over to scoop it off the wall..
::chirp chirp,, squeek::: into the box! How cute! After getting it into the box nicely covered with the washcloth, we were off to Petsmart to buy a small metal cage for it. (I guess Janette had a pet one before, so she was kinda sure of what she needed for it) We found the perfect one, rang it up and headed back out to the car. WHOA DANG! were we in for a surprise!!!
I looked in the back seat and noticed a little movement bumping under the towel. 'Janette,' I said. 'It's moving back there!' She went to lift up the wash cloth to look and the damn thing went psycho!! lmao. (I'm guessing the darkness and warmth woke it from its coma) She slammed the car door and it was just flying around the car like nuts and crawling everywhere all over the seats all creepy looking.. this thing was FAR FROM CUTE NOW! I guess we were screaming pretty loud when out of nowhere this little old Mexican man calls out to us 'Oh come on! It can't be that bad'... I yelled back across the parking lot 'Dude! We have a bat going f'n nuts in our car' (LOL) He's like ' a B-A-T?? a B-A-T???' I say, 'YES, a B-A-T!!!'
He starts walking over to check this scene of madness out. He's like 'My wife takes care of animals like this... and watch out cause they have diseases' While all of this is going on, somehow Janette opens her door and the EFFING thing comes FLYING AT MY FACE!! w.t.f.. I'm sure a lot of people in the parking lot got a show that day because I was freaking the crap out lol
All in all,,, things worked out.. we saved the bat, and now it's back out flying around like it should be,,, BUT dannnng was THAT and experience!!!! Another adventure in the lives of Christina and J nizzle.
On to other, less creepy things.. lol
Me and the little sis last week in Florida... how precious..
Psyche! I had to share this picture. It is hilarious! I went over to hang out with my family the other day and found Ariana in her room bent over in her closet digging around... I said 'Ariana, why is your butt crack hanging out??' and THIS is what turned around lol.I guess she saw something on America's Next Top Model.. and decided she wanted to get crunk?? :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


"Let's go rockets let's go!" Here are a few photos from my mini vacay to Florida for Ariana's national cheer competition. Congratulations of getting 4th place over all~!!!!! I'm SO proud of the team!! :)
Me and mom after hours of cheering the team on!
Me and the broski one of the competition days.
Me and our cheer girl @ CityWalk.
Me and the fam @ CityWalk.
Yep.. I had my cheeseburger in paradise :)
Gosh! They had advertisements for these guys EVERYWHERE! I wanted to go SOOOoOoOo bad, but I had no one to go with!!! I'll catch them another time. :)
Trying on some Pharaoh gear after The Mummy ride. Universal has the coolest shops.
After the 'Mardi Gras' parade at Universal.. THAT was *fun*,... Minus getting bead lashings lol. trying to catch beads felt like getting whipped with plastic chains.. ouch!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

~*~ Preparing for a wedding! ~*~

This is the cake I made in less than a day!!! lmao. It doesn't look great, but It was a good day of figuring some stuff out and getting ideas on what to change.
Notice the canned icing in the back lol.. I definitely need to plan on a lot of frosting!!!! At least I had backup!!! :) Plus.. I didn't think I needed to make a lot since I figured fondant would cover! How was I supposed to know the fondant would go nuts?!!! lol
Also, the fondant turned out horrible today!! I guess cause I made it WAYYYYY to fast and it had zero time to sit. I also used a cheaper quality sugar.. NOOOO skimping! lol. I'll have to probably make 3 batches to cover the whole cake. (and since the fondant wasn't geat today.. I just covered the top layer and frosted the bottom sections.)
I got to try out my new shimmer today! I only bought pink.. but I mixed it in with a strawberry extract and it turned out really *pretty*.. I just brushed it on the top a bit and on a few flowers. It also gave a nice berry sweet smell to the cake.


I made devils food cake with a raspberry filling. My whole house smelled SOOOoOOOOoo chocolaty! :)
Overall, the experience was good considering time constraints. Now I know what I need to have on hand or prepare for next time. (Like.. 8 billion Twilight Zone episodes! lol I swear I watched all of them!)

Until next attempt!

-Steena :)