Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gosh... Not quite Friday

Here's a sketch of the practice cake for Tess' wedding.
BUT the colors have actually changed now,, so it might turn out to be more of a rose color.. and maybe white.. we'll see :)
Other than that, I'm gonna be taking a looooong stinking drive to Georgia after work today. Janette's S.I.L.'s fiance (thats a mouthful! lol) is flying in,,, and of course she wants to go visit. So Me, Jnizzz, and Loralee will be taking her down.. and dropping her off.. a total of about 10 hours.. hopefully less!!!! BUTTTTT I'd much rather go and help her drive than have just her and the baby (Loralee) drive all that way back late at night alone.. (can you say suckfest!?!) I don't mind though.
Oh yeah.. and no marriage retreat now.. they were full up.. so I guess me and Mikey-poo will be creating our own retreat :) We'll have a good time I'm sure. I'm thinkin GMP in Charlotte.. and maybe the beach.. or mountains?? WHO KNOWS!
Welp.. back to work.. it's soo slow here already today... they just need to go ahead and put me in charge of something.. (and maybe pay me a lil more ;0) lol
Onto looking at baby things..

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