Tuesday, April 8, 2008


"Let's go rockets let's go!" Here are a few photos from my mini vacay to Florida for Ariana's national cheer competition. Congratulations of getting 4th place over all~!!!!! I'm SO proud of the team!! :)
Me and mom after hours of cheering the team on!
Me and the broski one of the competition days.
Me and our cheer girl @ CityWalk.
Me and the fam @ CityWalk.
Yep.. I had my cheeseburger in paradise :)
Gosh! They had advertisements for these guys EVERYWHERE! I wanted to go SOOOoOoOo bad, but I had no one to go with!!! I'll catch them another time. :)
Trying on some Pharaoh gear after The Mummy ride. Universal has the coolest shops.
After the 'Mardi Gras' parade at Universal.. THAT was *fun*,... Minus getting bead lashings lol. trying to catch beads felt like getting whipped with plastic chains.. ouch!

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