Friday, April 18, 2008

The Trip to Georgia aka--the middle of NOWHERE!!

So the trip to drop Mari off was fun.. But the dirt roads and never ending, creepy, dark country roads were NOT. lol.. I have never been on a 4 mile dirt road that leads to a paved road.. and back to a dirt road.. THANKS GARMIN!! lol. I have also never seen a SPEED LIMIT SIGN on a dirt road lol.. [30 miles an hour PUH LEEEZ]
I swear there were random stop signs in the middle of the woods on these dirt roads to nowhere... and random railings.. as if we weren't 'off-roading' enough! Guess that's how they do it in Georgia?!!!
There were a few funny highlights to the trip. We all decided to have some sort of facial hair when we left Burger King. Which explains my picture above. Janette had a 3 piece stash and soul patch... and Mari- a handle bar with a soul patch. YEP,, it was *pretty* stinkin awesome!
Umm.. OH YEAH.. there was another point were we hit some road kill lol.. Mari scared the CRAP out of me and Jnizz.. OMG! We thought we were gonna die! and I totally jumped up in my seat with my feet in the air.. like the dead animal carcass was ACTUALLY going to come through the car and get my feet lol.... I dunno.. guess a 10 car ride can make ya a little looney!
Welp.. that's about it for now..

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