Friday, July 27, 2007

This is a time for celebration!

WHY? Well, Mike has been recommended for... dun dun duuhhhhhhh..

Promotion!! :) How exciting is that?!
He is always so down and frustrated because of the people he works with, but his hard work(and persistence) has paid off!! I am so proud of him for sticking through it!!
I'll just keep praying that it all works out for him! Weeeeeeeee'll see!

Other than that, I should be making SOMETHING (finally) tonight..
and I am def. feeling something sweet :)

Ok, enough for now,, my head is killing me ::::cough cough :::coworkers that slack off non stop!!::::

Mrs. E

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Hump Day!!!

Well, as you can see from my stagnant blog.. my life over the last few days has been pretty uneventful.. :0(
Have I baked anything? no. Have I gone anywhere crazy? no. Has anything super fabulous happened to me? no. So what do I blog about?

hmm.. I guess I'll just throw out some random stuff.. (don't get tooo excited! lol):::

  • Here are some new P.j.'s I bought from target.. me and my mom thought they were super cute.. (and super "me") They are berry pie pajamas.... with berries, baking soda, eggs... lol...

  • hmm... Dad might be coming home EARLY!! (like, October) :) So I guess that's pretty cool!
  • uggg.... Uncle Tim went in for back surgery and ended up with bleeding on his brain.. :0/ (not as nice)... so he was flown out to Georgetown... (which is DEF. better if he was going to need brain surgery or something.. ) I'll just keep praying!
  • Did I mention how I seriously thought I had a stroke this weekend?!!! lmao(I know, I'm so silly) But honestly!, I woke up and my whole left arm was tingling [like it was asleep].... But that's not all.. it stayed like that ALLLLL day.. no matter how much I rubbed my arm to get blood circulating.. it would continue to tingle. After a while it really started to freak me out! and not to mention how annoying it was. . . At around noon, my left leg wanted to start falling asleep.. that's when I called Dr. Mom lol She reassured me I didn't have a stroke and that I must have pinched a nerve or injured myself..

hmmm,, "injured myself"?... how could I possibly have done that?...

THE WOoOoOorm!!!! darn my break-dancing skills!!! hehehe... Right away she said "yep, that's it!, That's how you probably hurt yourself!!" and then she mentioned the usual "Christina, you are 20 yrs old.. you're getting to old to be flipping around the floor!" lol

I love that lady!

  • I've decided to start *decorating* the bedroom! If I'm gonna be stuck in this apartment.. I might as well make it nice while we are still living here! :) So painting will be worth it to feel at home!

Right now, our room is just so white and plain.. I just don't feel at home.. I feel like I'm in a dorm room/holding cell/barracks.... It's just not comfy. So let the decorating process begin!!!!!!

Alright, that's enough for now.. I'm going to start designing my new room.. I'll be back! (cause it's a LONG day at work today.

Mrs. E

Friday, July 20, 2007

Here is an email I got to read last night..
It's my mom emailing my dad in Iraq...
Earlier in the day he had received an email from an old highschool friend who basically said.. that with all of her hussle and bussle in "L.A." she'd forgotten there was even a war going on..
Needless to say.. he was pretty upset by her email.. For people like my dad, the war is VERY real.. and an everyday thing.. He's lost twenty friends so far.. and nearly lost his life.. so for his "friend" (who knew about all of this) to mention how she's oblivious to the war.. yeah.. wasn't too pretty...
Here is the response to my dad's email.. It's my mom..your U S Army wife... (the foundation of most military families. :) (oh, and fellow blonde friends, please forgive my moms "blonde" comment... lol :)
"Well Odie, What can I say.... You know how I have felt about Shari...not really knowing a whole lot about her, but that she seemed to be living the life...skiing, cruising, LA, and here I am holding down the fort, raising kids, working full time, waiting, and worrying about the only man I have ever loved. Her true colors with a capital "B" have finally been made clear to you...."BLONDE". LOL...and you might have expected me to use a different "B" word, which at this point could apply.... yeah, tell me how someone could not know there is a full blown war going on now for the past "5" years!!!!!!!!! And I thought only someone like Paris Hilton would say something so shallow. It is a shame, she hasn't had to get a call early in the morning at work to be told her husband was injured in a roadside bombing, and to have to first absorb what has just been said, and then to choke up the words, and the courage to ask, "Can I ask you something, is he going to live?" THEN have to tell her kids what has happened.. Or maybe she should have to take some time out of her "busy LA lifestyle" to have to make KIA & wounded official notifications to worried wives who are afraid to answer the phone, or like myself to receive the call just as you are in the midst of hiding Easter Eggs for your kids as you try to make life as "normal" as possible for your children who worry about if their dad will ever return. Or maybe she could have to stop, and pull over the side of the road, or tell your kids to go ahead in the store without you as you pull out your calling roster, and one by one, over, and over again, what seems like day after day, call the same wives with just another notification not of one, but of "9" names of people who have died, their lives snuffed out in a moments notice, or maybe she could try attending a memorial service, not just one, but each month to pay honor to those who have given as they say, "the ultimate sacrifice", and think about the many children who will no longer have their father. Maybe she could see what it's like to see "13" photos displayed at one time and hear all the guys who have been there, experienced it, tell of their love for their friend, to fight back the pain of knowing they are gone.... What a dumb "B"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this time I don't mean Blonde!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, there I said it... Odie, I am sorry like I have said in the past.... No-one could ever love, and appreciate you as much as I do, or as your kids do. She should have to feel what it's like to send emails not just to say Happy Birthday, or here's a little California sunshine, but in my case sometimes just to know that as long as you continue to reply, I know you're still alive. I thank God for His miracles, for saving your life not only that day on March 28th, but in the past... I know God is with you, and I continue to trust he will bring you home safe to me. I want you to know... you are always in my thoughts & prayers, you, and all those there with you... my heart breaks to know they are injured, or struggling with what they have experienced... I pray for them to find God's peace, and to know that I am proud of you & them, and can't wait to have you all home where you belong! All my love, Diana"
It had me in tears.. But I guess this all just struck a nerve .
Alright.. enough email snooping!!! Get back to the kitchens!!! :)
Mrs. E

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Any suggestions for interesting workout music?

Let me know....
I need some new stuff on my ipod for running and motivation!!! lol

Monday, July 16, 2007

Foodie Blogroll and a SEMI-failed attempt

A flourless chocolate cake.. I'll have to post the recipe,,, BUT I don't recommend it..
I made this last week and it just wasn't as great as the rave reviews it got on
I won't be making this again..

Also I would like to mention that I have added an addition to my page..
***foodie blog roll***..
SO, if you enjoy ~my posts~, check out a community of food lovers JUST LIKE ME! :)
Mrs. E

It has been a few days TOO many!

. . . BUT, I'm back! :)

Let me recap the last few days before I get into my crazy day today. (I say "crazy" like it's unusual lol.. who am I kidding?! )

Saturday we went downtown for a bit.. This was at an old rail road bridge we discovered while exploring ,.... too bad the water is so dirty,, and gross below it... I would have popped an inner tube into that baby and started floating off! :)

Here's a card I FINALLY sent off to my sister-in-law..
This was made when I though she'd be coming down to visit.. but now that Mike and I are going up that way, I though it would be trashed. . .Nope! I made up a new letter and attached it.. then sent it off.. I thought it was too cute (and it took a butt- load of time to make.. ) to just toss out.

Thursday night I was a mad woman making a million cupcakes to sell at work on Friday.. here are some pics. . . Did I mention that I sold out!... Lot's of compliments.. and I made a decent amount of money :)... I'll have to do it again VERY soon.. (but with a LOT more cup cakes.. )
My mom being the test subject... (I don't think she minds ONE BIT~! :)
I'm letting the filled centers chill.. Look how patiently they wait for their death.. lol
mmmm... I think they got lonely...
All boxed up and ready for eating!!!!
if only I could have kept them .... (But I'd probably go into a diabetic coma or something .. not good!)

Alright.. so that was my weekend MINUS the drama.

Today, on the other hand.. started out filled with drama.. (at least, once I got up to the school to get my classes taken care of)
Friday afternoon I went to the school to drop off a new application with updated info.. The lady took it and told me to come back Monday and it would be in the system.

(sshcoobie dooobie... la la boooobiiee doo::: the weekend passes)

This morning- I get to the school, sign in, and wait for a counselor..
I was shocked at how quickly I was seen, since my prior experiences have sucked dealing with this school.
He calls me back.. I sit down in his office...
"I'll be right with you".. He starts typing in his computer.. "are you sure you turned your application in?"
ME-"Yes, Friday, and the lady told me to come back Monday"
He goes,... leaves the room for a few minutes...
"I checked in the admin. office and they didn't have an application from you."
ME- Thinking---what the hell?! I KNOW I turned one in! ... "I'm sure I turned one in"

*** SO, not only was it not put into the system.. but they LOST the WHOLE damn thing!~
I spent this morning re- filling out an application... then waiting for it to clear in their system (cause I couldn't register for classes if I didn't have an application.)
FINALLY, when all of that boo-shyt was done, I got my classes picked out and rushed like a crazy lady to work..

alright.. enough talking about school stuff before my nerves burst out of my body and start attacking everything in site. lol...

Hope everyone is well!!

Mrs. E

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yesterday.. .. ..

Was a crazy day.

On the way to work I was run off the road by some guy that turned out infront of me... I came feet from t-boning the side of his car.. THANK GOD! for anti-lock brakes.. because luckily I was able to slam on my brakes and steer out of harms way!.... AND miss a head on collision.. AND construction barrels!!!!!! So needless to say, God was def. on my side... AND I was completely shook up for the rest of the day..
Other than that, yesterday would have been a perfect day for RAIN BOOTS!!! lol.. this whole week has been full of thunderstorms and rain covered roads.
I did, however, manage to try out this chocolate (flourless) cake recipe I found...
I'll have to post up the results when I get home today..
Tootles for now!~!!!

No new pictures... but here's an old pic of my little goat friend on a trip to Colombia.. Que precioso! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wooo.. It's time for a. .. .. ..

(Not a gay pride vacation... lol.. sorry I like color dammit!~ lol.. But Chris would be proud:)

Anyways, Mike informed me that we WILL be heading to Michigan for our vacation.. what fun!! :) We are planning to drive, which should be nice with all of the scenery.. and plus the time we'll get to spend together. It's also REALLY *nice* weather up that way (compared to the mounds of snow from January lol) SO I'll get to experience the stuff in Michigan I miss out on last time! :) This is only my second trip up there.. AHH!! I'm extremely excited!!! I can't wait!!
alright.., enough of this rambling!
Now... What to pack?!! ;0p
(How about some-- dun dun duuuuuuhn!-- ~*~Rain boots!!!~*~ lol.. jk)


*****I want some RAIN BOOTS!!!!******

These are so pretty.. and just feminine... but loud! :)
These are just sunny.. and make you wanna smile --while jumping into a puddle.
These are just plain nice!
I love the one furthest to the left... rainbow on white... how pleasant... :)
These and the ones below are

my favorites!!!!! I have tried these on many times..
These make you wanna kick a puddle. . . in the FACE~! lol
I feel like I could vacation in these boots..

Ok... enough of my obsession.. if you only knew the HALF of my shoe fetish! .. lol..
Mrs. E

Monday, July 9, 2007

( o ) Bagels! ( o ) ( o ) ( o )

I saw a trend of people making bagels and thought "hey! I wonder if I could make those!!"
It took a lot of work, but over all.. They turned out phenomenal~!
I followed this recipe-

I cut it in half (cause I wouldn't get through 15 bagels alone! ) but other than that followed the recipe...

The ONLY thing I will make sure to change next time-- is to make sure the dough ends of my bagel circles are connected VERY well before boiling~!

I had some issues with bagels separating while boiling.. so they turned out to be half moon bagels.. lol..

Not hard to fix though.. I simply fastened the ends together with tooth picks before baking them in the oven :) .. MmMMmmmm... For my first attempt at bagel making I think I did VERY well! ... They tasted delicious.. tough and chewy and a little crunchy on the outside.. mmmm I'm ready to get home and make a bagel sandwich...
Here are some pictures:

After boiling the dough.. topped with poppy seeds, sea salt, sesame seeds, and a few other tasty versions.. ready for baking.
Fresh and golden brown from the oven..
mmm.. can you smell them?!!
Poppy seed and sea salt...
caraway seed and sea salt....
Sesame seed... Look how shiny.. :)
waiting to be eaten!
DEF. try this recipe.. pretty easy to follow.. just a quick process...
BUT it's SOOOO worth it!! I'll be making these again for SURE ;0)
Mrs. E..............


It seems like EVERYONE and their mother had a wedding on Saturday... 7/7/2007.
Renata was no exception! .. and what a beautiful wedding it was!
The Main Post Chapel, where the wedding took place... what a pretty evening it turned out to be.. esp. since the whole beginning of the day was full of rain!
Here comes the bride.. (and dad... lol)
Newly weds~!
J-nizzle! My bestest friend-0
Here's Janette and her escort.
Mr and Mrs Neto!
Off to the reception!
Me and the hub.. :)
Over all it was a beautiful moment!!!
I hope everything goes well for the both of them!
RE -NA- TA!!!!! LOL
Mrs E

Friday, July 6, 2007

M&M...(you can tell I'm at work.. lol)

I got this one for Ljc blog also!

You know I am TOO cute as an M&M... lol

My lunch the other day..

Here is a random veggie dish I created the other day.. It's got red potatoes, zucchini, and tomatoes.
I roasted the potatoes and zucchini at 450 dgrs for about 30 mins and then added the tomatoes and continued to roast for about ten minutes. I drizzled a little bit of olive oil over them before cooking and seasoned it with sea salt, rosemary, pepper, mustard seed, garlic powder.. and maybe 1 or 2 other spices..
Anyways.. It actually turned out pretty tasty... ESPECIALLY the potatoes :)
I think the only changes I'd make next time-- add some garlic pieces.. (instead of just the garlic powder) oooh... and some red onion :0)
Hope the pictures don't make you drool too much lol (or for the veggie haters--Mike-- GAG)
Mrs. E

Here are some "BooM BooM" pictures! :)

Fireworks! :)
(Click one to make it "life size"! lol)