Thursday, July 5, 2007

~*~My 4th Of *July*~*~

Well, well, where do I start?!!
In America we have many holidays!

"Independence Day, or the Fourth of July, is the most important national holiday in the United States. It commemorates the formal adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776."- Encarta
This isn't really my "most important" holiday... I'd rather have Christmas over it anyday.. BUT, I do enjoy it. Most people spend the day having bbq's... grilling up their favorite meats, drinking their choice alcohols...and eating anything to cool them down(i.e. watermelon, popsicles.. etc)
Not to mention that most of the day involves some sort of water activity.
A lot of people tend to go to the beach or spend this time with family, others use the 4th as an excuse to get completely drunk.(which is why I'm not big on the holiday... I see it as a big excuse to sit around and get wasted in the sun :-/ )
ANYWAYS! Here's my summary of my 4th...
  • First, Mike and I slept in until about 12 noon. I had planned to be up and ready for the day by about 9:30.... 10 am---didn't happen--- After about 11:45 I couldn't force myself to sleep any longer.. so I got up.
  • Next, we ran around to about 2 stores so I could find a nice shirt to wear--- couldn't find one--So I kept my same old green t-shirt on.. and we left to go home so I could throw on some shorts.
  • Left the house again (once I was changed)... We had to stop at the grocery store down the street to grab some chips and potato salad... then, we were off to our next soiree.
  • Mike's old co-worker/buddy, was having a get together at his house and invited us over.. Little did I know, it was a swimming ordeal.. so I was basically stuck in the heat.. in a t-shirt with shorts.. trying to hide my sweaty bum. Eventually, (once everyone--the other women-- were pretty much done swimming) Mike's friend's wife offered me a swim suit. So, needless to say, I ended up swimming with Mike and his guy buddies in an oversized bathing suit. .. Oh well, guess it beats a sweaty ass. :)
  • Around 7 we left and went back to the house a bit. .. Mike slept.. some MORE. I walked around the house like a five year old anxious to get to the parade field on post to watch the fireworks show (which is what I've always done)...
  • Mike finally got up around 8 something and we headed out to Bragg.. (after stopping by McDonald's that is) The traffic to get on the base was crazy! I guess that's what we get for waiting until about an hour before fireworks start. After we got on post it was smooth sailing. It took us no time to get to the field and park the car. We ended up back with Mike's friends to watch the fireworks from a house nearby the field. I spent my time watching one of the toddlers there. He was so intrigued by the "boom booms" (fireworks) and couldn't fathom how in the world I hid the fireworks in my camera lol.. How cute, eh!?! :)
  • After the our loooong day, I was more than ready to get through all of the traffic on base and get home!!!! I think that last night was one of the best nights of sleep I've had in a long time..

Happy Happy 4th.

Mrs. E

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Hypatia said...

Wow that was a full day!!! Any pictures of the fireworks?