Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yesterday.. .. ..

Was a crazy day.

On the way to work I was run off the road by some guy that turned out infront of me... I came feet from t-boning the side of his car.. THANK GOD! for anti-lock brakes.. because luckily I was able to slam on my brakes and steer out of harms way!.... AND miss a head on collision.. AND construction barrels!!!!!! So needless to say, God was def. on my side... AND I was completely shook up for the rest of the day..
Other than that, yesterday would have been a perfect day for RAIN BOOTS!!! lol.. this whole week has been full of thunderstorms and rain covered roads.
I did, however, manage to try out this chocolate (flourless) cake recipe I found...
I'll have to post up the results when I get home today..
Tootles for now!~!!!

No new pictures... but here's an old pic of my little goat friend on a trip to Colombia.. Que precioso! :)

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Hypatia said...

Hey Steena, I am so glad you are OK!! Please be careful while driving.

(Ok I hope I have not left a comment twice on the same post!)