Friday, July 27, 2007

This is a time for celebration!

WHY? Well, Mike has been recommended for... dun dun duuhhhhhhh..

Promotion!! :) How exciting is that?!
He is always so down and frustrated because of the people he works with, but his hard work(and persistence) has paid off!! I am so proud of him for sticking through it!!
I'll just keep praying that it all works out for him! Weeeeeeeee'll see!

Other than that, I should be making SOMETHING (finally) tonight..
and I am def. feeling something sweet :)

Ok, enough for now,, my head is killing me ::::cough cough :::coworkers that slack off non stop!!::::

Mrs. E


Hypatia said...

Steena, congratulations for the promotion! You should be proud of your husband.

Hypatia said...

Hello Steena,

I gave it a lot of thought of what you said, so I decided to have two blogs, one greek and one english one.

I wouldn't want to loose you as a reader. I think you have a lot to say, and you manage to succeed in an area I don't. Marriage and family life!

(I am posting this also here, because I am afraid you won't log in to my site, after seeing all these greek fonts)

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Steena, you've been tagged! Click here if you'd like to play this silly Blog game. :o)

Congratulations to your husband! A promotion deserves a special dinner.