Tuesday, July 10, 2007

*****I want some RAIN BOOTS!!!!******

These are so pretty.. and just feminine... but loud! :)
These are just sunny.. and make you wanna smile --while jumping into a puddle.
These are just plain nice!
I love the one furthest to the left... rainbow on white... how pleasant... :)
These and the ones below are

my favorites!!!!! I have tried these on many times..
These make you wanna kick a puddle. . . in the FACE~! lol
I feel like I could vacation in these boots..

Ok... enough of my obsession.. if you only knew the HALF of my shoe fetish! .. lol..
Mrs. E


Hypatia said...

These boots are definetely made for walking. Should not be hidden in the closet.

Miss Eagle said...

These are just bootiful. I'd like one of each to make a bootiful artistic display, pleez.