Monday, July 16, 2007

It has been a few days TOO many!

. . . BUT, I'm back! :)

Let me recap the last few days before I get into my crazy day today. (I say "crazy" like it's unusual lol.. who am I kidding?! )

Saturday we went downtown for a bit.. This was at an old rail road bridge we discovered while exploring ,.... too bad the water is so dirty,, and gross below it... I would have popped an inner tube into that baby and started floating off! :)

Here's a card I FINALLY sent off to my sister-in-law..
This was made when I though she'd be coming down to visit.. but now that Mike and I are going up that way, I though it would be trashed. . .Nope! I made up a new letter and attached it.. then sent it off.. I thought it was too cute (and it took a butt- load of time to make.. ) to just toss out.

Thursday night I was a mad woman making a million cupcakes to sell at work on Friday.. here are some pics. . . Did I mention that I sold out!... Lot's of compliments.. and I made a decent amount of money :)... I'll have to do it again VERY soon.. (but with a LOT more cup cakes.. )
My mom being the test subject... (I don't think she minds ONE BIT~! :)
I'm letting the filled centers chill.. Look how patiently they wait for their death.. lol
mmmm... I think they got lonely...
All boxed up and ready for eating!!!!
if only I could have kept them .... (But I'd probably go into a diabetic coma or something .. not good!)

Alright.. so that was my weekend MINUS the drama.

Today, on the other hand.. started out filled with drama.. (at least, once I got up to the school to get my classes taken care of)
Friday afternoon I went to the school to drop off a new application with updated info.. The lady took it and told me to come back Monday and it would be in the system.

(sshcoobie dooobie... la la boooobiiee doo::: the weekend passes)

This morning- I get to the school, sign in, and wait for a counselor..
I was shocked at how quickly I was seen, since my prior experiences have sucked dealing with this school.
He calls me back.. I sit down in his office...
"I'll be right with you".. He starts typing in his computer.. "are you sure you turned your application in?"
ME-"Yes, Friday, and the lady told me to come back Monday"
He goes,... leaves the room for a few minutes...
"I checked in the admin. office and they didn't have an application from you."
ME- Thinking---what the hell?! I KNOW I turned one in! ... "I'm sure I turned one in"

*** SO, not only was it not put into the system.. but they LOST the WHOLE damn thing!~
I spent this morning re- filling out an application... then waiting for it to clear in their system (cause I couldn't register for classes if I didn't have an application.)
FINALLY, when all of that boo-shyt was done, I got my classes picked out and rushed like a crazy lady to work..

alright.. enough talking about school stuff before my nerves burst out of my body and start attacking everything in site. lol...

Hope everyone is well!!

Mrs. E

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