Friday, July 20, 2007

Here is an email I got to read last night..
It's my mom emailing my dad in Iraq...
Earlier in the day he had received an email from an old highschool friend who basically said.. that with all of her hussle and bussle in "L.A." she'd forgotten there was even a war going on..
Needless to say.. he was pretty upset by her email.. For people like my dad, the war is VERY real.. and an everyday thing.. He's lost twenty friends so far.. and nearly lost his life.. so for his "friend" (who knew about all of this) to mention how she's oblivious to the war.. yeah.. wasn't too pretty...
Here is the response to my dad's email.. It's my mom..your U S Army wife... (the foundation of most military families. :) (oh, and fellow blonde friends, please forgive my moms "blonde" comment... lol :)
"Well Odie, What can I say.... You know how I have felt about Shari...not really knowing a whole lot about her, but that she seemed to be living the life...skiing, cruising, LA, and here I am holding down the fort, raising kids, working full time, waiting, and worrying about the only man I have ever loved. Her true colors with a capital "B" have finally been made clear to you...."BLONDE". LOL...and you might have expected me to use a different "B" word, which at this point could apply.... yeah, tell me how someone could not know there is a full blown war going on now for the past "5" years!!!!!!!!! And I thought only someone like Paris Hilton would say something so shallow. It is a shame, she hasn't had to get a call early in the morning at work to be told her husband was injured in a roadside bombing, and to have to first absorb what has just been said, and then to choke up the words, and the courage to ask, "Can I ask you something, is he going to live?" THEN have to tell her kids what has happened.. Or maybe she should have to take some time out of her "busy LA lifestyle" to have to make KIA & wounded official notifications to worried wives who are afraid to answer the phone, or like myself to receive the call just as you are in the midst of hiding Easter Eggs for your kids as you try to make life as "normal" as possible for your children who worry about if their dad will ever return. Or maybe she could have to stop, and pull over the side of the road, or tell your kids to go ahead in the store without you as you pull out your calling roster, and one by one, over, and over again, what seems like day after day, call the same wives with just another notification not of one, but of "9" names of people who have died, their lives snuffed out in a moments notice, or maybe she could try attending a memorial service, not just one, but each month to pay honor to those who have given as they say, "the ultimate sacrifice", and think about the many children who will no longer have their father. Maybe she could see what it's like to see "13" photos displayed at one time and hear all the guys who have been there, experienced it, tell of their love for their friend, to fight back the pain of knowing they are gone.... What a dumb "B"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this time I don't mean Blonde!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, there I said it... Odie, I am sorry like I have said in the past.... No-one could ever love, and appreciate you as much as I do, or as your kids do. She should have to feel what it's like to send emails not just to say Happy Birthday, or here's a little California sunshine, but in my case sometimes just to know that as long as you continue to reply, I know you're still alive. I thank God for His miracles, for saving your life not only that day on March 28th, but in the past... I know God is with you, and I continue to trust he will bring you home safe to me. I want you to know... you are always in my thoughts & prayers, you, and all those there with you... my heart breaks to know they are injured, or struggling with what they have experienced... I pray for them to find God's peace, and to know that I am proud of you & them, and can't wait to have you all home where you belong! All my love, Diana"
It had me in tears.. But I guess this all just struck a nerve .
Alright.. enough email snooping!!! Get back to the kitchens!!! :)
Mrs. E

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