Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Baby sling!

One day my little hippie baby will snuggle up inside this beautiful sling I made!

"I promise to keep the trees healthy and beautiful" 
That's what the fabric says :)

In the makings...


Tadaaaa (minus the shadow from my arm lol)


*Little Girl's Sun Dress*

Ok, so you all already know how much I LOVE little projects to keep me busy!
This is one I  completed a little over a week ago. It's a cute little sun dress for a 3 yr old . 
I used patter m5649 by McCalls.
I chose dress c and added my own little touches.

I decided to make it a size 3 toddler.

Here are my little doodles on what I wanted to make and the small changes I wanted to implement. 
This was my first time using a store bought pattern. Usually I just kind of 'wing it'.
When I first started it was like reading Chinese... but once I gave it a second look, it was smoooooth as butta

 Unwrinkling my pattern pieces...

The fabrics I chose were light weight, colorful, and  summery!

Cutting out my fabric pieces..

Working on the bodice...

Pinning and sewing up the straps and ties.

Sewing the top to the bottom...

Adding some flair.. 

Buttons on and pockets to go!

Perfect for *pretty* little hands! 

Measuring it all out.

Final touches..

Little girls love bows!

The final product! 
The bow on the shoulder is actually a matching hair clip. (I just stuck it there for now)

Here it is out in the sun... vibrant and cheerful *giggle*

Hope you like it! 
Steens <3

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Drab to *Fab*

I really enjoy taking the old and making it new and my own! My husband had some older bedroom furniture that was in good condition, but a little different from the rest of our house's style. So instead of going out and buying a new bedroom set... we have a "new" set! lol
Too bad I didn't really take a 'before' picture, BUT this is a picture I found online that is VERY similar to the way this dresser looked before. ;o)Here are a few 'almost done' and 'after' shots..
I painted them Pebble Mosaic and then put on a gloss coat and new knobs. Boy does it look *sharp*!!

Good thing I just shampooed the carpets lol

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

::WoOf:: Doggy Cupcakes for Chris ::WoOf::

Oh *sweet* cupcake baking times!
A few months back my friend Chris bought me a cupcake book with tons of decorating ideas and recipes. There are "tv dinner" cupcakes, Halloween cupcakes, flower cupcakes... every kind of cupcake you could imagine! Well last week I had some free time and decided to try some ideas out. Here is what I produced lol

Too bad I live in an apartment.. I wish I had a little pooch! I guess I'll just settle for these little fellows! The enjoyed the view from my balcony. (It's sad they would be consumed within the next few hours, YiKeS!!)

Hmm.. I think I'll name her snow flake? "Arf" Yep! She liks that name.

No clue what to name the brown one.. He does look an aweful lot like Rascal, my family's dog.

We'll name him Rascal junior. :)

I'm guessing Chris liked them!
:::Nom Nom::"crunch"::: arf::"woof"
Awe poor pups! Guess when they taste super yummy they better be kept on a leash!
Auf Wiedersehen (or goodbye!)

The Harley :)

Here are a few pics of the new bike. :)

Well, this pic isn't the bike.. BUT It is a pic of me with the surprise Harley shirts I bought the day before for our Anniversary/ Valentine's date. I bought a shirt for him and a shirt for me... Little did I know, we'd be buying a bike the next day.. lol

Here's Mike the next day in the Harley dealership with his shirt on ... His face glowed the whole time we were in that office.. Just like a big kid on Christmas morning!

Here's a pic of him after a ride on his new 09 Street Bob. What a hottie! Unfortunately, he had to leave for training only two days after he bought it.. so he was getting in every second of riding he could. (Even in the freezing cold temps we had~!!) What a nut! lol.... I'm waiting 'til he gets back.. By then it'll be warmer out ;0) I still need a helmet, so when I find one...I'll post pics.