Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Harley :)

Here are a few pics of the new bike. :)

Well, this pic isn't the bike.. BUT It is a pic of me with the surprise Harley shirts I bought the day before for our Anniversary/ Valentine's date. I bought a shirt for him and a shirt for me... Little did I know, we'd be buying a bike the next day.. lol

Here's Mike the next day in the Harley dealership with his shirt on ... His face glowed the whole time we were in that office.. Just like a big kid on Christmas morning!

Here's a pic of him after a ride on his new 09 Street Bob. What a hottie! Unfortunately, he had to leave for training only two days after he bought it.. so he was getting in every second of riding he could. (Even in the freezing cold temps we had~!!) What a nut! lol.... I'm waiting 'til he gets back.. By then it'll be warmer out ;0) I still need a helmet, so when I find one...I'll post pics.



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