Saturday, February 21, 2009

*Little Girl's Sun Dress*

Ok, so you all already know how much I LOVE little projects to keep me busy!
This is one I  completed a little over a week ago. It's a cute little sun dress for a 3 yr old . 
I used patter m5649 by McCalls.
I chose dress c and added my own little touches.

I decided to make it a size 3 toddler.

Here are my little doodles on what I wanted to make and the small changes I wanted to implement. 
This was my first time using a store bought pattern. Usually I just kind of 'wing it'.
When I first started it was like reading Chinese... but once I gave it a second look, it was smoooooth as butta

 Unwrinkling my pattern pieces...

The fabrics I chose were light weight, colorful, and  summery!

Cutting out my fabric pieces..

Working on the bodice...

Pinning and sewing up the straps and ties.

Sewing the top to the bottom...

Adding some flair.. 

Buttons on and pockets to go!

Perfect for *pretty* little hands! 

Measuring it all out.

Final touches..

Little girls love bows!

The final product! 
The bow on the shoulder is actually a matching hair clip. (I just stuck it there for now)

Here it is out in the sun... vibrant and cheerful *giggle*

Hope you like it! 
Steens <3


GinSpaghetti said...

Hi! I found your blog on blogger -- first, I am *so* jealous of your sewing talent! I bought a sewing machine earlier this year and have only made a dog sling (don't ask...) that is a little ghetto. Do you shop etsy? OMG you'd totally love it if not -- BEST fabrics ever! I'll have to follow your blog to knab some of your cute sewing patterns! :)

Lana said...

Great tutorial about making this sun dress for baby... I like the fabric of the dress!!

Steena said...

Thanks! I got the fabric at our Joann store in town. It was my first time using a store bought pattern so I'm very pleased with the result! :)