Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Playful Polkadot Messenger Bag.. :)

A colorful outer fabric with polkadots..

And a bright lime liner..

Pretty HAWT pink accent stitching..

My first bag.... and it turned out fabulous..
No patterns.. no guidance.. just trial and error.. and good old creative imagination!
(yay for cell phone pics!)
Gosh... I got like 800 more pics and posts to come!
--Steeeenie beenie

Metamorphosis of a photo.. To a handbag

This was fun for me.. I turned this picture..

Into a stencil...

And with a little mess..

And some paint

A kick arse tote for my work folders!!

Alright ya'll... I'm outtie for now..


Friday, October 10, 2008

Some of the latest...

Here are a few pics for now...

I'll post more later..

*** Another toy.... ;0) ***

Look @ the Singer 185k I picked up for free from one of the guys at work! I cleaned it up and oiled it.. you should see how *gorgeous* this baby is! It runs just as well as my new one too!
Did anyone notice it's also my favorite color? Guess that's just a bonus, huh? ;0)

*sorry for the crappy pic.. my phone lacks photo quality lol