Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside.....

We got.... ~*~*SnOw!!*~*~

On Tuesday God opened the sky and poured down a beautiful blanket of snow! Yipeeeee!
I was like a big kid running around sliding down hills and eating the snowflakes falling down. I made every excuse to get out of my house... "Mike.. um, I'm gonna take the trash down" (all two items lol) "Um.. then check the mail.. " hehehe It was great.. No work.. No school.. Just pure fun in the snow. We don't get it often.. so when North Carolina does.. You HAVE to enjoy every second of it! Even if your hand are bleeding cold from the pins and needles being jabbed into them by father winter :0p
Here are a few pics from our **Snow Day**

Walking in a winter wonderland...

I'm not cold?!! lol

Can't it be like this ALLLLL winter?!

Wishful thinking for next year...

--Steens <3

My Life Never Stops.

WOW, Have I been busy lately! (Guess you can usually tell by my lack of posts)

So I'll do my usual and play catch up.
  • We got snow! (I'll do a post on that today)
  • My cousin(Nicole) almost died being pushed through a store front window (Post on that to come, also)
  • My cousin(Desiree) lost most of her things when her house burned down last week.
  • We bought a Harley (Wow I have lots to post up!)
    And Finally..
  • I'm on a lamp search....
I think that's about it for now.. I was just really busy spending time with the hubs lately.
Here are two pics of me and Mike at My Bloody Valentine 3D (Which, by the way, was totally worth the 11+ dollars each lol)

I love scary movies! Poor Mike gets dragged to everything! But we had a good time.. Kinda cheesy movie... but definitely fun :)


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Handbags.. Yippee! Straight from my sweatshop.. (children free of course! ;0p)

Here are a few pictures of some of the handbags I made for Christmas :)
Enjoy!! ... Oh yeah.. and if you want one... feel free to comment and we'll make it happen!

The material.. cut and ready for sewing..

In the mix of things...

I loved the color combo in this one.. :)

Look how cooky!

The plaid makes me think of Avril lavigne.. lol.. I am weird with my associations.. I know.
Punker chick.

Vibrant and beautiful. This pattern would make a cool tattoo.. yep.

Refreshing to my eyes.

Hmm.. remind you of anything? lol This is the same fabric I used for my bag a while back.. but instead of brown with dots... I found this lovely blue!

This makes me think of Hannah Montana.. SEE, told you I'm weird! But it really does make me wanna throw on a blonde wig and forget who I really am.
The happy family.

"L" for LOVE!
--Steens <3

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ariana's Room Makeover (So far)

The vision.. LOL
Ok, so paintshop does not quite give you the best "room designing" tools to work with.. and the color choice is limited, BUT you get the idea! :)
My little sister's room was kinda drab so as my Christmas gift to her, We are giving it a complete makeover! Here are some photos of the progress so far.. and so far, so *good*

The white stripes...

Filling in the black stripes...Almost done...
This took quite a bit of time.. We painted a zebra stripe wall!! Zebra room time.. Yipeee!
Ariana helping me touch up the final product.
I decided it might be best to recruit the girls to help out with the pink! (I was exhausted and high as a kite by this point lol)
Here's what we had at the end of the day.. Maybe today we'll finish the paint and get started designing the furniture!

Friday, January 2, 2009

My Christmas Morning..

My hubby..

This is me shooting my husband's AR15.. We shot for a while at his grandmother's house.. but once your hands start going numb.. it isn't much fun anymore! lol

My Holidays! [Last Year vs This Year]

Me and Bear...My in-laws pitbull

Ok, So I guess I should start off by filling you in on our trip from last year... Then, you can see why this year's trip to Michigan was much more enjoyable! lol

Well, as you may know already, my husband is obsessed with his car.. so when EVERYTHING bad started happening around it last year you can imagine the "fun" we had. It seemed like something went wrong in every state we entered!
Virginia- We got a speeding ticket. [what a wonderful start!]
Yes, we speed sometimes.. and Mike has a lead foot, but this time I can honestly say that he was going maybe five over the speed limit and got pulled over. The cop was on the right shoulder of the road and we were in the far left lane of the THREE land highway lol... Considering how there was a semi- truck and red Honda Civic in between us and him (and the civic flew by him and slammed on his breaks) I don't see how he "clocked" us?? But I guess this is why I'm not part of the Virginia Highway Patrol.
West Virginia- Semi-truck tire flew off and hit us. [ causing an almost certain death sentence]
Once we got about halfway into West Virginia... driving through the winding mountain roads... enjoying the scenery .. chaos struck! lol There were two lanes... The right lane was next to a cliff drop off and the left sat next to the concrete dividers [YIPEE] We were cruising in left lane, minding our business, when BAM semi-truck tire flies off! Split second decision has to be made- Option one-- Hit cement wall in front of us; Option two-- swerve into semi-truck next to us and possibly crash over the cliff side to an eminent fiery death! We chose option three-- hit the huge arse tire in front of us. Mike's car was NOT happy about this... Needless to say, his front end was ripped to hell.
The fun didn't stop there though... We choo choo'd all the way to the nearest exit to figure out our next move. When we got there [we thought we were **** outta luck] but luckily the HILLS HAVE EYES truck drivers didn't mind lending a helping hand! (hand with all of 12 fingers!)
They told us that the truck that had the bad tire was at fault and had to pay for the damage.. and what do you know? He had to stop at the station we were at too! lol.. At first the guy didn't wanna give us his info and what not.. but when the state trooper got there, everything was taken care of! :) (Did I mention that he was the ONLY state trooper along that hour+ stretch of highway?? Why couldn't Mike have been 'speeding' there?! lol)
Ohio-- Bambi's mom met the hunter.
After we reached Ohio we KNEW things couldn't get any worse... Or at least that's what we thought. We had been driving about 20 mins into Ohio when "clunk clunk" lol
What now!? Mike hit a dead deer in the road and now we had a dead deer carcass stuck up under Mikes 'low to the flo' Volkswagen. This was the most disgusting thing ever! Every time we'd stop and I opened the door the smell of hot dead deer hit me dead in the face! I'm sure it was SoOOoOo funny watching me jumping out of the car gagging and nearly puking up my insides..

As far as getting to Michigan... We made it.. but the whole trip was centered around getting this car fixed and little was enjoyed.

This year-- [MUCH BETTER TRIP]
We only hit snow in Michigan and fog on the way leaving Michigan. :) From now on.. I think we'll stick to summer trips.. and take my ride!

Hope your holidays were as good as mine this year!
--Steens beans