Monday, January 26, 2009

My Life Never Stops.

WOW, Have I been busy lately! (Guess you can usually tell by my lack of posts)

So I'll do my usual and play catch up.
  • We got snow! (I'll do a post on that today)
  • My cousin(Nicole) almost died being pushed through a store front window (Post on that to come, also)
  • My cousin(Desiree) lost most of her things when her house burned down last week.
  • We bought a Harley (Wow I have lots to post up!)
    And Finally..
  • I'm on a lamp search....
I think that's about it for now.. I was just really busy spending time with the hubs lately.
Here are two pics of me and Mike at My Bloody Valentine 3D (Which, by the way, was totally worth the 11+ dollars each lol)

I love scary movies! Poor Mike gets dragged to everything! But we had a good time.. Kinda cheesy movie... but definitely fun :)


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