Monday, January 5, 2009

Ariana's Room Makeover (So far)

The vision.. LOL
Ok, so paintshop does not quite give you the best "room designing" tools to work with.. and the color choice is limited, BUT you get the idea! :)
My little sister's room was kinda drab so as my Christmas gift to her, We are giving it a complete makeover! Here are some photos of the progress so far.. and so far, so *good*

The white stripes...

Filling in the black stripes...Almost done...
This took quite a bit of time.. We painted a zebra stripe wall!! Zebra room time.. Yipeee!
Ariana helping me touch up the final product.
I decided it might be best to recruit the girls to help out with the pink! (I was exhausted and high as a kite by this point lol)
Here's what we had at the end of the day.. Maybe today we'll finish the paint and get started designing the furniture!


Anonymous said...

very nice!

Anonymous said...

How did you get the stenciling for the zebra stripes? Its gorgeous btw!

brooklyn said...

i've been thinking about zebra walls or the equivelant of that for room... Any tips?

brooklyn said...

I've been thinkinb about this for my room or at least the equivelant of that for my room... Any tips?

-first time painter
-only 13
-small room
-another wall will have chalkboard paint

e-mail me at:
with any helpful tips (: