Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Handbags.. Yippee! Straight from my sweatshop.. (children free of course! ;0p)

Here are a few pictures of some of the handbags I made for Christmas :)
Enjoy!! ... Oh yeah.. and if you want one... feel free to comment and we'll make it happen!

The material.. cut and ready for sewing..

In the mix of things...

I loved the color combo in this one.. :)

Look how cooky!

The plaid makes me think of Avril lavigne.. lol.. I am weird with my associations.. I know.
Punker chick.

Vibrant and beautiful. This pattern would make a cool tattoo.. yep.

Refreshing to my eyes.

Hmm.. remind you of anything? lol This is the same fabric I used for my bag a while back.. but instead of brown with dots... I found this lovely blue!

This makes me think of Hannah Montana.. SEE, told you I'm weird! But it really does make me wanna throw on a blonde wig and forget who I really am.
The happy family.

"L" for LOVE!
--Steens <3

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