Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Hump Day!!!

Well, as you can see from my stagnant blog.. my life over the last few days has been pretty uneventful.. :0(
Have I baked anything? no. Have I gone anywhere crazy? no. Has anything super fabulous happened to me? no. So what do I blog about?

hmm.. I guess I'll just throw out some random stuff.. (don't get tooo excited! lol):::

  • Here are some new P.j.'s I bought from target.. me and my mom thought they were super cute.. (and super "me") They are berry pie pajamas.... with berries, baking soda, eggs... lol...

  • hmm... Dad might be coming home EARLY!! (like, October) :) So I guess that's pretty cool!
  • uggg.... Uncle Tim went in for back surgery and ended up with bleeding on his brain.. :0/ (not as nice)... so he was flown out to Georgetown... (which is DEF. better if he was going to need brain surgery or something.. ) I'll just keep praying!
  • Did I mention how I seriously thought I had a stroke this weekend?!!! lmao(I know, I'm so silly) But honestly!, I woke up and my whole left arm was tingling [like it was asleep].... But that's not all.. it stayed like that ALLLLL day.. no matter how much I rubbed my arm to get blood circulating.. it would continue to tingle. After a while it really started to freak me out! and not to mention how annoying it was. . . At around noon, my left leg wanted to start falling asleep.. that's when I called Dr. Mom lol She reassured me I didn't have a stroke and that I must have pinched a nerve or injured myself..

hmmm,, "injured myself"?... how could I possibly have done that?...

THE WOoOoOorm!!!! darn my break-dancing skills!!! hehehe... Right away she said "yep, that's it!, That's how you probably hurt yourself!!" and then she mentioned the usual "Christina, you are 20 yrs old.. you're getting to old to be flipping around the floor!" lol

I love that lady!

  • I've decided to start *decorating* the bedroom! If I'm gonna be stuck in this apartment.. I might as well make it nice while we are still living here! :) So painting will be worth it to feel at home!

Right now, our room is just so white and plain.. I just don't feel at home.. I feel like I'm in a dorm room/holding cell/barracks.... It's just not comfy. So let the decorating process begin!!!!!!

Alright, that's enough for now.. I'm going to start designing my new room.. I'll be back! (cause it's a LONG day at work today.

Mrs. E

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