Tuesday, July 3, 2007

So excited for tomorrow!!

Tomorrow. . . is. . .the. . .
4th OF July!!!!!!!!
I am SOOO excited! You have NO Idea! I want to go out after I get off of work today and get something nice to wear.. maybe grab up some stuff for sandwhiches and a picnic.. and then just have a *great* day tomorrow...It's supposed to be really nice weather tomorrow .. hopefully hot and sunny!!! :)
Mike has to work for a bit, but it's right at the parade feild.. so he'll be right where all the action is anyways!.. Not to mention he's working the V.I.P. tent.. so I guess that will have it's benefits!
OK.. enough of my blabbing.. I'll take plenty of pictures!!!!!!
Mrs. E

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Hypatia said...

I understand the 4th of July is a national holiday for you. How do you spend such a day? Please do send a lot of pictures!!

Greetings from Athens