Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wooo.. It's time for a. .. .. ..

(Not a gay pride vacation... lol.. sorry I like color dammit!~ lol.. But Chris would be proud:)

Anyways, Mike informed me that we WILL be heading to Michigan for our vacation.. what fun!! :) We are planning to drive, which should be nice with all of the scenery.. and plus the time we'll get to spend together. It's also REALLY *nice* weather up that way (compared to the mounds of snow from January lol) SO I'll get to experience the stuff in Michigan I miss out on last time! :) This is only my second trip up there.. AHH!! I'm extremely excited!!! I can't wait!!
alright.., enough of this rambling!
Now... What to pack?!! ;0p
(How about some-- dun dun duuuuuuhn!-- ~*~Rain boots!!!~*~ lol.. jk)


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Hypatia said...

So it's time to wish you a happy and enjoyable vacation. Please take a lot of pictures and let us know how you spent your time there!

Greetings from Athens