Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Dad's Birthday 5/7/08

***** Happy Birthday Daddy!!!*****

My dad turned 47 years old on Wednesday!!!! :)
Dad wanted to take a billion pictures of (and with) his cake!

Over-exposure is a b!tch. lol

So is the doorbell.. which made me get frosting on my boob, stand up super quick,, and get my picture taken like a goof lol.. looks like a sneeze face, eh?!! :)
Such a *lady*
(Nothing to say. )
different flash.
Hmm.. yeah.. a double layer french vanilla cake... with vanilla buttercream... Holla @ me.
The worm was the *cutest*
I had fun with flowers this week,,.. what can I say!!
Uhh.... no comment
My fav flower! :)
Allllllllrighty then (in my Ace Ventura voice)

I'm going to work on the pics from fishing yesterday so I can post them :)
--Much Love

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