Friday, May 9, 2008

My Day Fishing ~ ><> `~ ~ <>< 5/7

We decided to take a fishing excursion on my day off...
Here are a few pics!! :)
I'm SO psyched and ready to go!!!!
Too bad We didn't catch much.. we really need to bring the boat next time.
This is my.. 'Are you kidding me??' face
Yay.. I caught some weed on my crayfish lure!!!! lmao
We were walking to find a better spot, when I look at Janette and saw THIS lol... wtf,, what the heck is that on your forehead?!!! lol

She makes fishin look awesome!!
Swimmin with Blackie!
Yeah that's what I said.. a JVO
"Don't forget meeeeeee!~"
*SMILES!* We had fun!! :)This, and seaweed are all I caught!~

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