Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Sabbath!

Ah.. *sigh of relief*
Another beautiful Sabbath day.. God always seems to reward me with a beautiful day when I make time to visit with Him!
Today has been a pretty good day... Church was fun,.. full of spirit! Not sure what's going on this evening.. It's Memorial Day weekend.. so I really don't feel like just sitting at the house.. (boOOoooOoo) No Vespers tonight.. or I'd go for sure. Mike and his dad are going to the Coca-cola 600 tomorrow.. So that leaves me with the day to myself while their in Charlotte. They'll have my car though.. Aren't I lucky lol
Maybe I'll just go to mom's house and hangout... maybe paint her living room and have a movie marathon!?!!! Hmm.. might have to run this idea by her *wink, wink*
Tess invited me to see the Sex and the City movie with her next weekend.. I don't watch the show, so this may be a good time to rent a season or two and brush up on it lol.. (can't go with a pro and have NO clue what the shows about, right??! ) hehehe
Well, gotta finish up some work so I can get outta here!!

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