Monday, December 21, 2009

Koln Part 2 (Alex's House and The Air Field)

After we finished up at the markets we drove through the snow covered streets to a small town nearby where our friend Alex lives with his family.

Mike and Philipp (Alex's brother) outside of their home.
His family was incredibly warm and welcoming and we enjoyed staying with them. We got to experience life in a German home first hand.
Alex driving us to his club's airfield where they keep their planes and gliders. Unfortunately, it was too snowy to fly, but this spring they invited us back to fly with them. I can't wait!!

Outside of the hanger..

Checking out the planes..

Dibs on that seat! lol

Now to the gliders!

Glider bodies without the wings.. (since the wing spans are quite long)

Maybe I'll ride in one of these sometime too.
Glider pit with the seats out.

A picture of their airfield many years ago...

Up in the control tower.
Looking out toward the field and hanger

Guys pointing out.. uh, have no clue at what lol

After the plane and glider tour we headed back to town.. Here's a pic of the school Alex attends. Can America get some school building tips please??!  This building is just 'WOW'!

Pit stop at the local cafe for Hot Chocolate... The best!

I saw this and thought it was pretty funny..

Stroller parking! haha.. I am totally buying one of these signs! Germans think of everything!

 Warming up for a bit.

One more random thing.. hehe.. Germans are EXTREMELY festive! Yep, that's Holiday toilette paper!! I love it! :0D
 Relaxing for a bit at Alex's house before the drive back home.. I can't wait to visit again in a few months! It was like family away from home!

Good thing the drive back has lots of beautiful views.
Now to get started on the spritzgeback Recipe my adoptive German mother gave me! ;0)
Ciao 4 Now,
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