Monday, December 21, 2009

Koln Part 1 (Christmas Market)

This weekend we spent a couple days in and around Koln. It was a fantastic experience and we'll be heading back again after the snow melts. It's only about 3 hours from us up the autobahn. Here are some pictures from our outing.

Baumholder in the distance .. Such a pretty view! Chimney smoke and snow covered EVERYTHING..

The bridges around are phenomenal. Well, I guess all of Germany's architecture is spectacular.

The Koln Cathedral (dom) in the distance.

The cathedral is one of the tallest in the world and took over 600 years to complete. It is breathtaking to look at!

One of the many stain glass windows.

It was dark in the cathedral (and crowded) so it was a little hard to get good pics.. Summer I should have some better ones.

You can go up to the towers, but since it was 12 degrees we passed lol... Pictures of THAT adventure will come in a few months.

The large organ pipes..

Outside on the streets of the Christmas market.

Can you imagine the hard work that was put into every section of this place?!
If you LOVE Christmas, this is the best place on Earth to be! It would put the Grinch into the Christmas spirit of things!

Gluhwein.. (or in my case, Gluhsaft) This stuff will warm you up in the 12 degree weather! Gluhwein is a traditional drink of choice at the Weihnachtsmarkten. It's red wine served hot and spiced with vanilla, fruit, cinnamon, and cloves. If your not a drinker, or avoiding alcohol, they also serve Gluhsaft. It's just a nice hot cider drink! MmmMmm.

So many booths to visit!

Make sure to bring plenty of Euro!.. You'll want to try all of the foods and grab lots of  Christmas stuff!

The Dom is the perfect backdrop for the market... like a picture from a story book.

Crepes! Mmmm Mmmm.. I got my crepe 'mit Nutella' OMG.. SO good! :)

A delicious treat!

Hello Tannenbaum! (or Christmas tree )

Time to head to Alex's home for the evening.. Good bye city of Koln...

The Koln Arena at night. So pretty.. like glowing ocean waves.

Hope you enjoyed....
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