Monday, December 28, 2009

Venice Italy... Could This Be A Trip In The Making?

        Looking at places to go for our anniversary coming up in a few months. Thinking about it all gets me super excited! We are so centrally located, just about anywhere is possible. I've been googling a lot this evening and I'm pretty sure *Venice* has me reeled in. There is something about it...a certain 'je nes se quoi'. 
       We currently live in wine country and right near the border of France... so I'm sure we'll continue exploring every inch of it during the harvest season. Italy, on the other hand, can't wait! We can stroll through the city.. dine in the local hot spots.. and cruise the waterways in a gondola. *sigh* Yup.. this beats out the weinstrasse right now.. haha.

Can you see it!?! I can totally envision it right now!

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If any of you have made the trip please feel free to throw me your tips and suggestions on places to go, sights to see, and things to do! You all are always so helpful! :)
Ciao miei amici,
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