Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Heidelberg (Pt 2)

We left the beautiful bridgee under the Heidelberger Schloss and made our way down the charming side streets toward town.

The market square in Heidelberg is fantastic! It's dead center and has plenty of space for food vendors, festivals and photo ops.
The fountain in the market square.

Exploring the shops...
*sigh* Love it!

Looking through the alley way at the church.
Yes, just like Eurotrip! LOL.. I really enjoy the street performers here.. they think of the craziest stuff!

OMG! *drool* American Apparel?!! Now all I need is an Urban Outfitters and I'm set!

Sunset in Heidelberg is sOoOOoOOoo romantic!
The warm glow of the sun hitting the church tower...

LOL.. Forever 18.. I guess since the legal age is 18 here instead of 21 they needed to adjust the store name! hehehe
Walking by the train station to grab some Italian ice cream..

Ah, my spaghetti ice! The prefect way to end a fabulous day. It's Vanilla gelato pushed through a ricer to look like strings of spaghetti, covered in fresh berry topping and topped with shaved white chocolate.. Mmmm talk about heavenly!
Next time we go I'll be sure to post pictures from inside the Heidelberger Schloss! Hope you enjoyed..
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