Friday, August 15, 2008

Coloring the MM Fondant! :)

Ok, I'm a nut.. But coloring fondant.. (or one GIGANTIC marshmallow blob) is SOOO much fun! (To avoid the massive amount of work that follows, read the bottom of my post for quick coloring instructions)
First, knead the fondant to soften it up..
I usually lay it out in one big strand and then fold it in half..
(Um.. why do I have a fart face on?)
Next, add the color in and continue to fold in halves while mixing and kneading. I just keep making the fondant in one big string and folding it into each other until the color starts to blend..
now the color is coming through..
Almost done!
Here is the final blob.. It really reminds me of 'Slimer' from Ghostbusters... or a huge snot?.. Guess we'll stick you something less gross lol
The aftermathhhhhhh
"Who will I get to clean this mess??.... Mikkkkkkeee!! " lol

--Sticky Steens

** Quick coloring instructions-
Microwave your marshmallows... Once they reach the melted stage (and before adding powder sugar)  add your food coloring. Blend the color into the melted marshmallow until desired color is achieved and then add powdered sugar and knead with shortening as usual. This will save your hands and arms SOOO much extra work! ;0)


Frank said...

This reminded me how much I hate coloring fondant!

A tip I got from Rebecca Sutterby, cake artist extraordinaire, is to add a touch of ivory to colors like green and yellow. It takes off the unsavory edge and makes it a bit more of an attractive color. YMMV!

Khryztina... said...

hey.. i was wondering what kind of food coloring did you use, the gel one or the normal liquid one? and if its ok to use the normal liquid one..?