Friday, August 8, 2008

A trend. . . that has gone WAY too far! lol

It's the HAWT trend in the area to pimp out old rides and throw huge rims on them.. This is nothing unusual... BUT, when you have a lift and your car is taller than most trucks... I think you've taken it a little TOO far.. lol :::::Thro some deees on it:::::
Me and Mike were driving the other day.. and I saw this car from the road.. I was laughing SOOOOO hard, I HAD to get him to turn around so I could get a picture,,, and he'd be able to share this laugh with me!

Uh.. yeah.. This is real.
There wasn't even a step to get into it... Guess you have to jump?
Awe... mini Mike.. LOL
If we were to be in an accident with this car.. let's just say we would lose our heads in the battle.
---Steens :)


Frank said...

Maybe there's a remote control so it comes down when they want to get in? It's an anti-theft device; like a moat, but for a car...

Steena said...

Lol! Who knows! I honestly wouldn't be suprised if they had an elevator for that beast of a vehicle! :0p