Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Mikey Poo!! (8/5/08)

My Mike had his 22nd birthday on Tuesday and I wanted to share some pictures of the cake I made him. .. We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner then went back to relax at the house... Little does he know he still has a gift in the mail!! ;0)

I love this picture! Makes my cake look like it's in cake heaven! lol
Awe.. it looks so pretttty.. I think this was the quickest cake decorating I've ever done lol
Special delivery for Mizzzzike.
I was gonna try and cheat every way possible... BUT Walmart was out of boxed funfetti mix..(yeah.. the one store that normally has 50 of everything!!!!) So I had to make my own..It turned out great though :) I did, however, use boxed fondant.It was my first time with that... and from now on,.. if I know the person is NOT gonna eat it.. I'm taking the cheat way!!! lol.. Making that marshmallow fondant.. and working my butt off just so people can peel it off and toss it, isn't worth the effort!

He approved. Guess we're good until next year.. :)
***Disclaimer-- If the mess in the 'man cave' computer area of this picture burns your eyes out, I cannot be held responsible lol!
Smoochie Boochies!

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