Thursday, May 3, 2007

Grandma, Bobjo, and Jasmin's bday get together! (4/29/07)

Starting off with the semi blurred picture of My husband (Mike), Me, and my lovely Grandma Hlify. She loves us! lol.. (esp. when we mentioned getting her a stripper for her birthday! silly grandma... hehehe
Grandma Hlify again with my little sister... That's right people, my little sister makes even the fart face look good! Don't hate.
The lovely thr33. Nicole, Ariana, and me ... looking as fabulous as always :) (well, i kinda look stoned... but wtvr
Mom chillin out on the couch...F'N HAWT... (guess that's where the young ones get it ;0)
Grandma Hlif and Nikki... ready to eat!!!
My baby's father and I... (ok,... so no baby yet,,, but dammit! He will be a great daddy!!!!! lol)
Time for JERRY SPRINGER.. "Jerry, My grandma stole my husband!!! " hehehe.... Oh well,,, can't blame either... cause my hubby is HOTNESS.. and my grandma.. well, she's a pimp :)
ANYWAYS! done with pictures.. wish I had more,, but maybe next time. The day turned out great.. everyone had a blast and the food was AWESOME! Aunt Lisa made a HUGE amount of food! Chicken, ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, cole slaw, potato salad, beans, macaroni salad.. etc..
You definitely out-did yourself! ... YuM!
Alrighty then! time for work!
Mrs. E

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