Monday, May 14, 2007

Somebody's got a case of the muhndays...

Hello world!
It's Monday, mundane Monday. It's almost like every other Monday... BUT with one difference!! My dad comes home for his break in less than a week!!! That means that in a matter of days I'll get to hold my dad in my arms again! I can't begin to express how excited I am :0D

Anyways, today Mike's car should be finished.. it should start the tuning process tonight and then hopefully it will be "done" (at least for the most part lol)
As far as anything else.. not much going on today..
I REALLY wanna go home and make some apple muffins.. or some peanut butter cookies.. , but I'm not sure if that'll happen today due to the fact that I might have to be driving/riding with Mike to pick up his car.
We'll see! If I DO end up baking,, there will be pictures and a recipe tonight or tomorrow.
Alright! Enough of me for now.. I've got some work to do!
Mrs. E

Oh, and btw, the picture featured was one I found on That poor dog had a nasty fight with a porcupine.. Just remember him if you think your day is bad :)

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Anonymous said...

You know this dog is cute!