Monday, May 7, 2007

Sunday @ the track...

Hello Everyone!
Well, this weekend turned out pretty good! (Minus some car stuff.. :0/ )
Mike realized his bent rim was actually CrACkEd... therefore, forcing him to put his stock wheels on his car... (Yay for Aristos lol)
He normally runs his Ultraleggeras, BUT! (here comes the story). . . we hit a pot-hole a while back and dented his front passenger side rim...riding around on this, in time, probably caused the rim to crack.
*sigh*...This car can definitely try your patience! lol
Anyways.. I guess we'll have to wait till we can get some extra money saved ... $300 dollars for a new wheel ... and then probably a good amount for 2 new front tires.. :) More updates to come with that!
Onto other car stuff... Mike's turbo should be up and running soon! I know he's super excited that he'll have a highway killer!.. Awe!! my baaaaybeeee.. lol I love when he's happy!
Alright... enough of that! Here are some pictures from the track on Sunday.. Notice the different wheels.. Def. a big difference in his times this time... mostly due to the heavy wheels.. and all season tires.. lol.. Geh. Still pulled a 14 (something) in the quarter ,,,now imagine it when it's finished ;0) Don't get TOOOO excited people! lol
At the start
vvheeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr.. . .. .
And... VVeeeeeerrrrrrr Gone Again.
Mrs. E

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