Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dad is..... FINALLY HOME!!!!

So dad finally got here. His plane arrived at about 12:50 yesterday afternoon. I couldn't leave work quick enough! lol.. I was out in about 5 seconds. lol (after I cleared it with my boss of course :)
Seeing him come out of that terminal brought me to tears.. My little old dad... home.
I ran first thing and just held him. wrapping him in my arms meant so much more to me now, knowing that I could have lost my father. As soon as I got the strength to stop squeezing him, I began to examine his face.. his little ear is all scarred up.. and he has a few new marks on his face,,, but man! He's still my same ol' dad!!! :)
Anyways! Onto the rest-
Here is most of our first day with dad back! (well, after he took a shower.. hehehe)
dooo bee dooo bee doo... driving in the car.. mom on the left, dad on the right.
Dad sporting his "wounded warrior" shirt, mom trying to do the "wat it do" face, and Robert.. looking a little too happy.
My father and I.
Nicole and Ari.. showing mom how the face really goes...

Double take.... My folks.
That was the end of our *wonderful* lunch..
Now off to our local electronics super store!!!
I'll narrarate and give the gist of what's going on in the photos..
Dad: "Hey honey,... um, ya know, I was kinda blown up... so I was thinkin... can I get a new computer?.. I really think it will help with easing the discomfort I have in my.. uh.. fingers?"
Mom: (ah crap.. I know this look... but he's sooooo cute... and he did get hurt...*thinking thinking*)"Sure sweetie pie! Which one would you like?"
Dad: "How about this one over here...."
Mom:"It's how much?!What the hell?!.. two thousan%!#$@@^#^$%^@$%$!^^"
*thinking* *contemplating*... *double thinking*...
The notorious "Myspacers"... oblivious to the rest of the world.
Dad: "So I can get it?!! "
Woooooo!!! and mom got dad his new laptop!
The End.
Mrs. E
*Note- These are just my interpretations.. the conversation was pretty similar though ;)

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