Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good Morning!

(You'll notice all my angry face pictures.. It's a theme in this post.)

Ahhhh! So I'm off to a crazy start! It's Thursday ALREADY::::fhew::::. I can't believe it.. not that I'm complaining though, I love it when the time flies by quickly...(at least when I'm at work) Hopefully time doesn't go too quickly because when my father gets here in about a week I'll be wishing for the exact opposite. :)
Anyways... I'm stuck here (@work) until 4 today... Geh- ness lol. It wouldn't be that bad if I wasn't working almost the WHOLE day by myself again. Yesterday was pretty much a nightmare for that reason alone..
I worked 7:30- 2:30 and *name*(I wont say her name), who was supposed to come in at 1pm, didn't show up until almost 3 o'clock!
She didn't call once and then when someone finally got ahold of her she said she thought she came in @ 3. So I stayed a bit later since no one else can work the @#$%!#$% phone.. lol.. well isn't that convenient.
BUT WAIT, that's not all (come on, be patient and let me vent dammit!)
So I come in this morning... *name*, didn't even check the source-card baskets yesterday!?!!! What was the point of even coming in if she was ONLY going to do the about 8 scs in our Acura showroom?!!
So this, *name*, is for you:
  • Thank you SOOOO much for your "hard" work.
  • Thank you for being inconsiderate and coming in to work almost two ours late when I am on the phones and by myself for 8 hours.
  • Thank you for the phone call I DIDN'T receive letting me know you'd be super late cause you are *irresponsible*.
  • Thank you for being "on the ball" and checking your schedule in advance so you'd know you are supposed to be in at 1pm not 3pm.
  • Oh.. and thank you for being the FIRST one to complain at every meeting about EVERY little thing.. You go girl.
  • And,, for leaving all the boxes full for me this morning(because you didn't do a #!%$% thing last night.... ) I hope the ringing of the phones and inputting source cards haunts you when you sleep!!!

Ok.. *sigh*, that was a lot of anger.. lol.. But I feel better now :)

You all have a *wonderful* day! (I have a buttload of work to do)
Mrs. E

Edit**** I just wanted to make it clear that I didn't want to hurt anybody with this post.. it was just me being frustrated and needing to vent! thanks :)

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